The three little pigs

Once upon a time, in the great land of Oz, three little pigs became friends. And that’s pretty much where the fairytale ends.

With a collective nearly hundred years between us, there’s one thing we’ve come to realise – life isn’t about happy endings. In fact, life isn’t about endings at all. Life is all about change, and that is something we’re happy about.

Laugh Lots, Travel Often is our life philosophy. And we want to share it with you. We are three ordinary women living in three different countries with a shared passion for friendship, food, fun, travel and adventure. Between us we’ve travelled to 72 countries, lived in 6 cities, worked for 17 companies, had 15 boyfriends and shared too many laughs to count.

Perfectly Random is exactly what she sounds like. With a habit of bursting into song, reading signs aloud, and continuing conversations as if they never stopped two months ago, PerfectlyRandom loves prosecco, writing, reading, scuba diving, bright colours and live gigs. She has a stationery fetish, is suspicious of vegetarians and loves to boss people around. After procrastinating on organising her wedding for the last three years, she is planning to finally throw a party with her nearest and dearest in 2012…even if she is shaking at the thought of getting married!

The Rational Optimist is a mostly level-headed realist, but she occasionally lapses into frothing, raving rants when emotionally overwhelmed by other peoples’ non-sensical behaviour.  She is blunt and direct, but can also be exceedingly polite and agreeable.  Contradictions aside, she loves skiing, scuba diving, nature documentaries, and spontaneous dancing.  She loves that glugging sound when red wine is poured from a bottle, spending hours reading newspapers over coffee, finds that eating ice cream makes her happy, and has recently joined the world of internet dating to see whether there is a man out there that will love her view of reality.

Petite Folle is literally a “little crazy”… but whether that means she’s an average person who’s a little crazy or a little person who’s a whole lot crazy, she’ll leave you to decide! Infamous for conversing with the locals at every opportunity on her travels, it’s her inquisitive nature and love of random adventures that earned Petite Folle the “crazy” title, first in Arabic then later in Nepalese, Spanish and French. Pimms, picnics and warm sunny days. Family, friends, sharing and laughter. Meeting new people and exploring new cultures. There are a few of her favourite things. Petite Folle is currently exploring the brave new world of the cross-cultural relationship, communicating (almost!) exclusively in French with a man affectionately known as the Froggy.

Together we hope to entertain, inspire and surprise. We believe that life is one giant adventure and we’d love to have you on our journey. We’ll be posting regularly about relationships, travel, food, work and living abroad. We’ll be debating issues of the day, giving our perspectives from the different cities we live in, and making sure we continue to laugh lots and travel often.

Welcome on board!


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