Introducing list love: guilty pleasures

Let’s face it – everybody loves a list. They help us organise our lives, provide us with entertainment, allow us to survive the supermarket on a Saturday morning, and let our loved ones know what they should be buying us for Christmas.

In celebration of the wonderful list we are dedicating Sundays to our top 5s.

To kick off our weekly run downs here are our top 5 guilty pleasures:

5.  Britney Spears

Now don’t scoff. Admit you get a secret thrill of excitement when Hit Me Baby One More Time comes on. And who doesn’t like dressing up as a sexy school girl?

4.  Cafe lazing

Spending hours over brunch on the weekend and poring over the paper from front to back. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.

3.  Reality TV

Don’t even try to tell us you’ve never watched an episode of some reality program and not been a teeny weeny bit caught up in the drama. You know what we’re talking about – Survivor, X Factor, Amazing Race, Masterchef…only the good ones obviously!

2.  Squeezing zits

Yes, yes, we know you’re not supposed to pick them. But let’s be honest – when we were teenagers, didn’t they also tell us that we would grow out of getting pimples? Hands up those of you who have moved overseas and suddenly found your face in turmoil? There’s something just so satisfying when you get that sucker…

1.  Spending all day in our PJs

There are so many things that are just so right about our number 1 guilty pleasure we hardly know where to begin. How about just imagining the luxury of having no commitments for a whole day? It’s like a holiday in your pants and no one’s invited.


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