List love: must-haves at home

One of the drawbacks that comes with a semi-nomadic, globe trotting lifestyle is being forced to accept whatever the rental market currently has on offer when you are in need of a new place of residence. Sometimes you luck out. But sometimes you just have to take the best of a bad bunch… hoping that there is actually a bunch to choose from, depending how urgent the need for accommodation is!

Whilst to Australians this list may seem like a list of standard inclusions, we can assure you that elsewhere in the world it is not. After experiencing a long list of far from ideal living conditions, we think we’re pretty qualified to come up with a list of must-haves for the ultimate home experience… follow this list and you’ll never want to leave home-sweet-home!

5. A real BBQ

Whilst both the charcoal-fuelled Weber and the traditional wood-fired barbecue varieties both have merit in terms of flavour, they are often limiting in terms of volume. The ultimate barbecue experience features a minimum of four gas burners, preferably more, and a handy shelf on either side… one for the trays of “snags” and the other to rest your beer on!

4. A wall mounted shower

It may wash “hard-to-reach places” more effectively, but an exclusively hand-held shower is never fun. Does anyone actually prefer to wash their hair with one hand rather than two??? Whilst you should not have to run around under your shower to get wet, the ultimate shower should be water saving (let’s not forget the environment). And, most importantly, it must be mounted on the wall!

3. A comfortable bed

Anyone who has backpacked or shared dodgy stranger-arriving-in-London accommodation will know that the most fundamental principle of a comfortable bed is not having to share it with bed bugs! Whether you like your mattress to be as hard as a plank or like rolling in fairy floss, making sure your bed suits your preferences is a sure-fire way to make home one of your favourite places to be. (Just don’t blame us when you’re late for work…)

2. An open plan kitchen

Kitchens are not, by definition, open-plan everywhere in the world. People from other parts sometimes even try to sell the benefits of the kitchen-as-a-separate-room-with-a-closeable-door concept, as apparently it keeps the food smells out of the rest of the house. Why would anyone want to deprive the rest of house of the kitchen’s delicious aromas??? Bring on the open plan kitchen in which one can cook whilst participating in conversation with guests who are seated comfortably on the lounge… and the scents of culinary creation waft around everywhere!

1. A large balcony/backyard with sun exposure

Warm/hot sun exposure for a decent portion of the year, that is! Preferably obstructed from the view of the neighbours, your own little bit of outdoors can make a crazy world seem sane again. Hang a comfy hammock in it, and home will come pretty close to heaven.

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2 thoughts on “List love: must-haves at home

  1. I firmly second all of these! Although, I have gotta say I’m not a fan of lingering cooking smells (don’t blame me, my mum doesn’t allow cooking indoors at hers…you can only fight your upbringing so much) but that’s what bedroom doors are for, right?!!

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