List love: drinks for summer

It’s summertime Down Under and there is nothing better in hot weather than chilling out with some friends over refreshing beverages. I find that the best drinks to cool you down are clear and crisp and served frosty cold – nothing creamy mind you though because, in the words of Ron Burgundy, “milk was a bad choice”!

Pimms & lemonade at the cricket - can't get much more summer than that!

5.  Cider on ice

There has been a proliferation of new cider offerings in Australia recently, and most of them are deliciously cooling served in a tall glass with ice. Yes, it might seem strange to us non-native cider drinkers, but ice and cider is a smashing combination.

4.  Coca-Cola

OK, this is the non-alcoholic addition to the list but I defy anyone to not be refreshed after a big cold glass of Coke. Even better if it’s post-mix Coke, where it’s less fizzy so you can chug it down faster!

3.  Mojitos

The muddled mixture of sugar, mint and limes is fragrant and exotic, and that’s even before the rum is added!

2.  Corona with a slice of lime

Corona won’t win any awards for the best beer in the world, but it’s crisp and light and the lime just adds a nice bit of tang.

1.  Pimms & lemonade

It’s not as popular here in Australia as it is back in old Blighty, which is a shame because it’s slightly sour, not too sweet, and served with pieces of strawberry, orange, cucumber and mint – it’s the perfect summer cocktail!

What’s your favourite summer beverage?


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