Women who hate women

You know the type. You usually encounter her at work. At first, she wants to be your best friend, suggesting you meet to go shopping every time you bump into her in the hall. The next, she’s cutting you down over email when you request a file, and you hear from the guy in the mail room that she’s been telling people that she tried everything to make you feel welcome, but for some reason you just didn’t want anything to do with her.

While you’re busy questioning your behaviour, trying to work out whether you had unintentionally given her that impression, you suddenly realise the only people she’s been telling are men. And then you discover that she’s actually been telling them that the reason you aren’t friends is because you’re jealous of her.

Some women thrive on the attention they receive from men. And any perceived threat to that is quickly assessed and cut down. I’ve heard about this happening so many times, and usually to wonderful, beautiful, smart women. It upsets me that girls aren’t sticking up for girls. Any new lady who comes into your life should be considered a potential awesome drinking buddy, lunch time shopping companion or a train ride confidant – not a perceived threat.

I’m lucky enough to have great male and female friends. And I can’t imagine not having my female friends – the ones who really understand and accept all the crazy irrational behaviour that every woman engages in occasionally. Behind every amazing woman I know, is a group of equally awesome women, supporting her along the way.

So today, I’m writing this post not for all you awesome chicks out there – but for any woman who takes an honest look at herself and realises she has no real female friends. You don’t need to feel threatened. If you’re a confident person who is happy with yourself, not only will you have the guys eating out of your hand – but you’ll also be surrounded by women who will be there for you through all your ups and downs. And who wouldn’t want that?

Image courtesy of Biewoef via stock.xchng


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