Food Follies in France: Egg Rolls

If you ask the French, their country is the birthplace of fine cuisine, and still holds the monopoly on this market. They consider themselves quite the food connoisseurs, making them a formidable crowd to please… when I don my chef’s cap here in France, the pressure is on! And so I introduce the first in a series of articles relating my attempts to win over the toughest of food audiences…

It’s Sunday morning in Paris and a massive multi-course afternoon feast at a friend’s house is in the waiting. But that doesn’t stave off the 10am hunger call, which issues forth from my stomach with its usual gusto. The question… how to create something light yet weekend worthy? A bowl of cereal is simply not the answer here. No, what this situation calls for is Donna Hay’s No Time to Cook.

As I open the chapter Cheats 1. Breakfast & brunch, the recipe for egg rolls calls out to me for it’s sheer simplicity. And it doesn’t disappoint!

As a starting point, prepare a filling of your choice. The recipe makes the suggestions of smoked salmon, sour cream and watercress or roasted tomatoes, baby spinach and crispy bacon. But potential fillings are limited only by the imagination… and what the fridge has on offer!

After checking out my available ingredients, my options came down to ham, brie and rocket or smoked salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese, mixed leaves and avocado. I chose the latter. Mmmm.

Aside from the filling, for each roll you will need the following:

  • 1 egg
  • Salt and pepper to season

Yes, that is all. Simplicity itself. Whisk these ingredients together and you are ready to start cooking!

Heat a non-stick fry pan over a high heat and add the whisked egg. Swirl the egg around to coat the surface of the pan then cook until the egg is just set (this will probably take about a minute). Then remove the egg from the pan and fill with the ingredients you prepared earlier. Repeat the process for as many rolls as needed.

The result is tasty and more the quick. A great way to kick off Sunday that will undoubtedly be recalled for repeat performances!

The Froggy and I ate only one each as we were expecting a large meal in the early afternoon, but two per person accompanied by some crusty bread would make a good breakfast or brunch-sized meal. According to the recipe, they should be rolled (as the name may imply) but they looked much prettier unrolled!

Useful stats:

  • PITA factor: very low (10 minutes from start to finish)
  • Frogometer: 8.5/10 (rated only under the quick snack category… but still a pretty impressive result!)

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