List love: moves to break out on the dance floor

Aside from being able to undo a bra strap one handed or opening a beer bottle with your eye socket, there are very few things that are more impressive than busting out some signature dance moves to impress your date, or the entire dance floor. Try some of these at your next dance-off and we guarantee that you will walk off the victor.

5.  The Sprinkler

There are a few of these dance moves in the same vein – the Lawnmower, the Shopping Trolley, the Bricklayer, the Reverse Park – and they’re all easy to replicate and don’t require too much coordination either. Always good for a laugh and everyone can join in!

4.  The Running Man

This move, which was probably popularised by Vanilla Ice, requires a little more timing and coordination than the Sprinkler but is high energy and impressive to see, particularly if you can get a group to dance in synchronisation!

The Running Man dance

3.  The Robot

A lot more coordination and practice needed to be able to demonstrate the Robot, but get these body isolation moves down and people watching will be utterly speechless.

2.  Anything by Michael Jackson

The King of Pop had so many signature moves, but most famous were the Moonwalk and the dance sequences from Thriller. Pretending to be a zombie is not too difficult – I’m sure most of us act like this at the end of the working day.

1.  Napoleon Dynamite

If this doesn’t win you the respect, hearts, and minds of everyone on the dancefloor, nothing else will.

What are your signature dance moves?

* Running Man photo courtesy of Rust ‘N’ Bones


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