List love: things you could have done with your lost hour

Finally, finally, the UK is turning the clocks forward and we are steadily heading out of winter and into longer summer days. Whoop! The only very minor downside to this is the hour we lose this weekend – and there is a LOT you can do in an hour:

5. Get fit

Depending who you talk to, half an hour, 45 minutes or an hour a day of exercise is apparently more than enough to get lean, toned, and fit. Which means you could have up to 30 minutes to spend telling someone who doesn’t care about how much exercise you did and how stretchy you’re feeling.

4. Cull some facebook “friends”

Ask yourself: when was the last time I communicated with this so called friend? If you can’t answer that with certainty, ask yourself: is there any reason in the foreseeable future, after a protracted period of no contact, that I might need to contact this person, and the only way I could possibly do that is by staying facebook friends? If the answer is no, get rid. Spend an hour tidying up your friends, and you could save yourself a lifetime of reading irrelevant updates.

3. Learn how to wear a scarf 25 ways

In 4.5 minutes, you can follow this video and learn how to wear a scarf 23 more ways than you already do.

And then for the next 55.5 minutes you can brag to everyone about all the new ways you can wear a scarf. Bonus!

2.  Get married

A registry union apparently only takes half an hour. Plenty of time to get hitched and even take a few happy snaps to commemorate the occasion. (Note however, that it is probably best to think about whether you actually want to get married beforehand. Divorce, it would seem, takes a little longer than any spare hour you might find lying around.)

1. Save a life

If you’re healthy and can qualify, you can register to be a blood donor and you just might help save someone’s life.  And that sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Image courtesy of stock.xchng

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