List love: who are you fooling?

It’s time to wheel out your best pranks kids, because it’s APRIL FOOLS!

And being the blogging geeks we are, we just couldn’t resist getting your creative juices flowing with 5 of the best computer pranks we’ve seen:

5. Why am I upside down?

Hit Ctrl + Alt + Up or Down to flip a screen display and mildly confuse someone. For added punch, pop into control panel and set the mouse to left-handed. It’s an obvious prank – but it will still take some undoing while you prance around goading them.

4. Zippidee-do-dah

Who’s afraid of a little mouse? Check out the mouse settings in control panel where you can set the double click speed to fast.  Like so fast, it’s impossible to do. Then ask your victim to open a document or program on the desktop, and criticise them for their inability to use a mouse until they get so exasperated they turn red. Fun!

3. Uh…my computer’s frozen

Best performed in the office when your unsuspecting colleague forgets to lock their computer before heading to lunch. Minimise all their open windows, and take a screen shot of their desktop, saving it as a jpeg. Head on into their control panel and display settings, and make your freshly saved image their new desktop background. Hide all their desktop icons, and unlock the taskbar so it auto hides and voila! When your colleague returns they’ll be clicking all over their desktop not realising it’s just an image, and wondering why nothing is working anymore – at least 5 minutes of sniggering for you, guaranteed.

2. Damn you auto correct

Let’s face it – we’re all a little lazy sometimes and rely on spell check to pick up our mistypes. But what if someone changed the auto-correct feature in your dictionary settings so it misspelled common words? In any Microsoft Office program go to tools, select “autocorrect options” (under proofing in newer versions), and set it to replace common words like “and” or “the” with things like “hairy” and “eggs”. Too good.

1. It’s dead!

What better way to make someone really panic than by making them think they’ve killed the computer? All you need to do is download the blue screen of death screensaver, make sure their screen saving settings are set to however long you can wait (two minutes in my case) and sit back and get ready for the carnage…


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