List love: best comebacks of all time

In honour of Easter Sunday, we’re giving a big high-five to some of the best comebacks of all time – starting with the king himself:

5. Jesus Christ

Now the only reason Jesus comes it at fifth place is because the world is somewhat divided on his existence. But let’s take into account what we’re celebrating today: the rise of Jesus from THE DEAD. After three days! That’s one hell of a comeback.

4. John Travolta

I’m not ashamed to admit that I watched Grease on repeat when I was a wee lass, long before I understood any of the smutty jokes or that protection didn’t mean a weapon carried for safety (although it has a whole lot to do with another kind of weapon – ba boom tish!). I still dream about playing Sandy to the original JT’s Danny now and then. But after Saturday Night Fever and Grease in the late seventies, JT didn’t really have another box office smash until 1994 with Pulp Fiction (in my opinion, Look Who’s Talking doesn’t count as a smash hit) but since then has starred in 29 more movies, more than half of which have been blockbusters. Plus the guy can fly a jumbo jet and does the in flight safety films for Qantas. Oh JT, the power, you’re supplying…it’s electrifying!

3. Take That

If you haven’t stood on a rooftop, arms spread wide singing “today this could be, the greatest day of our lives” in your head (or aloud), you’ve probably missed one of the biggest musical comebacks of all time. After 10 years apart and a multitude of public airings of dirty laundry between band members, Take That managed to release 3 best-selling albums in 4 years – the same number of albums they released at the peak of the boy band frenzy in the early nineties. And if you tried to buy tickets for either of their latest home tours, you’ll know they are the record holders for fastest selling tour of all time in the UK – not a bad feather in the cap for their second time round.

2. The British Royal Family

You’ve got to admit that there was a time when the whole Charles – Camilla – Diana fiasco really cast a pall over the whole royal family. Even Australia started to get itchy feet and considered cutting ties with the motherland and put the question of becoming a republic to referendum. But after last years royal wedding between Wills and Kate, it seems that the royal family has once again fallen back into favour, not just with Britain, but apparently the world. Royal wedding viewings and parties from the USA to Oz abounded, and with great interest the world has continued their love affair with Kate’s wardrobe and impeccable appearance. Who knew that marrying for love could resonate so strongly with people the world over?

1. Lance Armstrong

Guy rides bike pretty well, winning a few things here and there, a couple of stages in the Tour de France,  and even competing in the Olympics. He then develops testicular cancer which spreads to his lungs, abdomen and brain. Post cancer, the same guy goes on to win the Tour de France seven years in a row. With one nut. If that’s not worthy of being number one comeback on our list, I don’t know what is.

Image courtesy of stock.xchng

Let us know of other comebacks you admire that we’ve missed!


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