You don’t make friends with salad

So here’s the thing: ordering salad when you’re out is fraught with controversy. If you’re a guy, your masculinity gets called into question. If you’re slim, people assume you always have to eat rabbit food to maintain your weight. If you’re carrying a little bit extra, people silently commend you for your perceived healthy approach to eating, but then just as quickly judge you for not ordering your dressing on the side.

I love salads, just as much as I love racks of ribs, rare steaks and deep fried chicken. In fact, my passionate affair with vegetables is probably my only saving grace against my marriage to all things rich and fatty.

And I especially love a salad when it’s a salad on steroids, like these ones from around the world that you definitely won’t be embarrassed to order:

1. Rocket’s main course salads

Rocket is a chain of restaurants in London, and their Mayfair branch has a great menu mainly focusing on pizzas and fresh salads. Now get this: they do a surf and turf salad. Surf and turf! We’re talking fried prawns & baby squid, seared rare beef, cucumber, green beans, radishes, tomatoes, red onions & peppers all drizzled with a spicy lime, tomato & chilli salsa. And the portions are BIG.

On top of that, they do a rare beef and chips salad, and a fish and chips salad. With actual chips on the salad. No one is going to call your manhood into question when you’re tucking into one of these bad boys, no sirree.

2. SeaChange’s warm change salad

If you’re ever in Dee Why, Sydney, strolling along down the beach promenade, make sure you stop in at SeaChange Cafe. This unassuming little gem does a host of warm salads, with ingredients ranging from blackened salmon, kangaroo fillet, lamp rump and salt and pepper squid. All with interesting combinations of veg and dressing twists like lime and palm sugar, jalapeno and basil, and raspberry and balsamic. Super summery and de-lic-ious.

3. Salad Lyonnaise

The 3 little pigs (that is, the authors of this blog) once famously met for a weekend in Lyon, France. Of the 2 days we spent together, we estimate that we spent more than 13 hours consuming 4 meals. It is not an exaggeration when we say we love food.

If you like French fare, you have to visit Lyon. You can walk into almost any little restaurant, bistro, cafe and you will be greeted with some of the most melt in the mouth delicacies you can experience anywhere. One of their many famous dishes there is Salad Lyonnaise. The standard version “only” has lettuce, bacon, croutons and poached eggs dressed in a shallot vinaigrette. But almost anywhere, you can get the souped up version with the additional extras of liver or foie gras and brie. Need I say more?


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