List love: best excuses for a sickie

“Chucking a sickie” is often seen as a right or tradition for some Australian workers. This entails calling in sick at work even though you’re perfectly capable of of hauling your ass out of bed and being mildly productive. Whether you call it a sickie, a doona day, or a mental health day, here are some plausible excuses to use when you call up your boss to tell them you’re not coming in today.

Stethoscope sick day

5. Your dog died

Having a pet pass away can be a pretty upsetting time, and if your boss is also an animal lover, this one will garner a lot of sympathy. It could probably even be used to stretch your time off to two days! The only catches with this one are that you will have needed some back story prior to use (if you have never mentioned your dog then it could be a bit unconvincing), and you can’t use it too often – having 6 pets die in the space of a year may get your reported to the RSPCA!

4.  Migraines

I’m led to believe that a migraine is incredibly debilitating, which makes it a ripe excuse for a day off. How can you be productive when all you want to do is lie in a dark and silent room?

3.  An embarrassing bodily problem

You may or may not want to spin a full story, but the more embarrassing it is, the more plausible it will seem to your boss. Extreme gassiness combined with diarrhea is just something you do not want to inflict on your poor colleagues.

2.  Feeling flu-ey

Particularly in the change of seasons or when there is genuinely a bug going around, this one’s a convincing one to use. You can lay some groundwork beforehand by complaining of a sore throat two days before, then feeling run down on the preceding day, and they will be none the wiser.

1. A bout of gastro or food poisoning

Yes, it conjures up some icky images but that is part of the charm that makes this one a winner. It can come on suddenly, and can then disappear just as quickly, making the “dodgy oyster” excuse ideal for a last minute doona day.

* Image courtesy of stock.xchng


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