List love: things we are NOT too young for

Some things that “elderly” people are renowned for (be it fairly or unfairly), we don’t want a bar of. Like driving around on a Sunday afternoon with a hat on, seemingly oblivious to other cars. Nobody really wants to cause traffic chaos. But there are certain pass times and habits once considered the domain of seniors that are well worth adopting. Here are a few that we want in on…

5. Staying at B&Bs

Why should staying at B&Bs be the exclusive domain of the Grey Army?Luckily for the rest of us, the secret is out. A good B&B offers a wonderful alternative  to the conventional hotel. The benefits include direct access to local and usually friendly hosts who can help you out with your itinerary as well as give you some insights in the local culture, a closer look at what homes in the area you’re travelling to are like, and a home-cooked breakfast. Internet sites such as are doing a great job of spreading the B&B love. We approve.

4. Wearing slippers in the house

Shoes off, slippers on at the front door. Visiting Grandma? Not necessarily! Wearing shoes in the house creates a lot of unnecessary mess (and hence work) and let’s face it, slippers are where the comfort is at (particularly in the colder climes of the northern hemisphere!). Once we’re old enough to be responsible for our own cleaning, we’re definitely old enough for slippers.

3. Games from the senior citz club

Luckily these secrets, once confined to the inner sanctum of the senior citz club, are secrets no more. Lawn bowls has street cred these days, especially in Australia… accompanied by a hot sunny day and some ice cold beer or cider, it’s guaranteed to bring fun, and possibly some competitiveness, to a gathering with friends. Somewhat less well known, but equally as fun, croquet is an awesome accompaniment to a weekend BBQ. And bingo… what can we say? Bingo evenings amongst the 20 and 30-somethings are increasingly common in France and even London’s trendy Shoreditch is getting in on the musical bingo action! Count us in!

2. Muttering about young people

“Young people are so selfish these days. They have no respect for others.” Someone’s grandma or grandpa said that, right? No, that’s me quoting me. Or quite possibly you. We may not be sure when the transition happened, but at some point it did. When we catch ourselves doing it, we probably tell ourselves that we are far too young ourselves to be muttering about the “young”. We are not… there is something wonderfully cathartic in expressing the view that our generation is in some way superior to the next. Embrace it, people!

1. Retirement

We’re too young to retire, right? Wrong! Retirement is a wonderful state of being, and not necessarily the domain of those permanently finishing their working career. Leaving your work-related stresses behind and taking a mini-retirement whilst in your 20s or 30s is an amazing experience. All of us at LLTO have taken career breaks, usually involving travel, and we have all loved the experiences. If you ever get the opportunity, take it!


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