Turning 3 (months)

Wow! Who would have thought we’d actually make it to the grand old age of 3 months old?!

Today we’re celebrating the quarter year birthday of Laugh Lots, Travel Often. With 55 published articles, 5,529 visitors to the blog and 566 emails exchanged between the three little pigs, we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve also noticed that when we publish Feel It articles, you, our fabulous readers, couldn’t be happier. It’s when we get the most responses – and the more controversial the article, the better!

So we’re looking forward to the future with a few tweaks to the blog.

We’ll now be publishing articles on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Why not mix up your work week a little, eh?

We’ll also focus on making sure we share more jointly written articles – debates, as well as perspectives from our different countries and lives.

We’d also love to welcome any guest bloggers who would like to post – either your own articles, or responses to articles we’ve published. If you’d be interested in blogging for us, or have any ideas, please drop us an email.

We hope you continue with us on our journey…and remember to keep laughing!


4 thoughts on “Turning 3 (months)

  1. Congratulations ladies. I have a question, is there an obvious way to see which one of you has written which post? (apart from the obvious photos – Ev that photo of you and Ed is classic).

    • Thanks Ben! If you scroll to the bottom of each article, you will see comments, categories and author – so you can tell who has written what.

      Does this mean you never get to the end of our posts?! 😉

      • …and now it’s completely obvious to me. Thanks. I must admit I think I tune out after I read the body of the post and reach the ‘Share This’ area. Congrats again on the milestone 🙂

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