List love: things that men find funny that women don’t

Men are weird. I’m just going to put that out there now. They find the stupidest things amusing and do horribly immature things to each other just for a laugh. Here are a few things I’ve observed that men find completely hilarious that women just really don’t get.

5.  Farting

Men have this obscene fascination with passing wind. They will even lift a bum cheek and screw up their faces in every possible effort to maximise the volume of their fart. They’ll think it’s funny when they’re alone, but all the more hilarious when they’re with a group of mates. If it stinks then it’s a bonus.

4.  Politically incorrect humour

Whether the jokes are racist or sexist, about handicapped people or fatties, men are a hundred times more likely to laugh out loud at them than women. It’s as if women have an inbuilt filter for inappropriate behaviour and men don’t.

3.  Doing things to guys that have passed out

You’ve seen it before – men with only one eyebrow, men with ‘I’M IMPOTENT’ scrawled in permanent marker across their forehead. And of course it’s their fault for passing out in the first place.

2.  Watching other people hurt themselves

You only need to think about the popularity of Jackass to get a sense of how comical men think it is to see other men hurt themselves. It’s even more funny when it’s one of your mates that gets kicked in the nuts, walks into a signpost, or falls over when trying to perform a stunt on a snowboard.

jackass the movie

1.  Fraping

Leaving a Facebook account open is never wise, particularly if there is a brother, mate or flatmate around. From confessions of bestiality and coming out of the closet to the changing of their name and posting obscene comments on their friends’ walls, men seem to accept Facebook rape as part of some male pissing contest – who can perform the best frape.  They’ll get each other back eventually.


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