List love: the art of camping

The May bank holiday weekend is upon those of us in England, and with somewhat irrational optimism that the rain will abate, a group of fourteen of us are heading to the countryside in North Suffolk to go camping.

With the seasoned professionalism of a festival goer and backpacker, here are my must packs on any camping trip:

5. Head lamps

Accept that you will look completely uncool. The fact is, you now have two hands to do anything you want with! Unroll your sleeping bag which you unthinkingly threw into your hastily erected tent when it was still light as you made a beeline for the beer, brush your teeth and hold your loo paper, or simply just pop both your hands into your pockets keeping them nice and toasty warm.

4. Ear plugs

Ah bliss. You snuggle down into your subzero temperature proof sleeping bag, and think to yourself how lovely it is to be able to hear the serene sounds of nature all around you as you fall asleep. And then you hear it. The violent cries of an animal in pain. It sounds like something between a wounded warthog and a pair of lions fighting. Then you realise its the snoring of your mate three tents away. Ear plugs. Gods gift to light sleepers. Get them into you.

3. Baby wipes

Sticky fingers, dirty feet, covered in sea salt, or just too disgusted by the state of the available shower facilities to set foot inside with no clothing barrier for protection? This one stop wet wipe shop will have you spanking “clean” in no time.

2. Dry shampoo

If you’re not already a dry shampoo convert, I am about to change your life. This is better than any other powder you’ll get on the market, and more addictive. Lank locks, be gone! Greasy hair slicks, completely banished. No need to wash your hair in the freezing cold when there is no hair dryer within a 15km radius – plus you don’t have to brave the dodgy showers. Bonus.

1. Duct tape

There is nothing you can’t fix with duct tape. Drunk campers accidentally burn a hole in your tent with their smokes? No worries. Tent flap won’t stay up or down? Solved! Ear plugs aren’t quite doing the trick and you want to shut that snoring bastard three tents away up? You know what to do…


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