Warning: don’t eat these brownies alone

You need to have at least 3 other people around to eat this with you, so that they can:

  1. save you from a calorific (but glorious) death
  2. give you someone to bounce off during your sugar high
  3. praise you profusely for your amazing baking talent

This recipe is from The Londoner, and she calls them Slutty Brownies because they are “oh so easy”. And they definitely live up to their reputation.

All you need to do is layer cookie dough, with Oreos, with brownie mixture. Seriously.

Serve your little piece of heaven warm and gooey with ice cream – so bad, but sooooo good.

If you haven’t already checked out The Londoner’s blog, it’s brilliant, so head on over there for the full recipe and way better photography than mine.

  • Time to mouth: 45 minutes
  • Man rating: 9/10 (yes, apparently restaurant quality!!)

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