List love: it rained for 40 days and 40 nights

Not so long ago, the rain in London felt like it would never end. We were deep into spring time and having been promised a long and hot summer, all we got was rain, rain, rain.

It got me pretty down. So down, I started thinking about building an ark (I’ll admit, I was drinking at the time – but you would have been too if you were living in the rain drenched city). Obviously, when I was thinking of an ark, I was picturing more of a luxury yacht.

But either way, you can’t have an ark without animals. So here’s my pick of the top 5 animals I’d take on my ark-yacht if the world was going to end up underwater:

5. Chickens

I’m following my stomach here. Eggs and eventually meat, if I could only stop eating all the eggs…

4. Penguins

I have no good reason to take any kind of penguin with me, except that they’re always dressed appropriately for a black tie event. Of which, in the new world, I am sure there will be plenty. Plus, I might be able to teach them to bring fish back for me so I stop eating all the eggs.

3.  Camels

In case the floods do recede, it makes sense to have a beast known for it’s lack of thirst and ability to travel vast distances over deserts. All or nothing, baby.

2. Sheep

One word: wool. It’s not my favourite material, but let’s be honest, a couple of silk worms will probably get pecked mercilessly by the chickens or accidentally trampled by the camels. Of course, I might have to actually learn to shear a sheep, spin wool, and knit, but how hard can that be…on a boat? (And later there might be lamb. Winning!)

1. Elephants

Trunk = shower. With all my black tie events, it will definitely be important to look clean and fresh – right?!

What other useless things have you made lists of? And what animals would you take with you?


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