List love: perfect foods for winter

Winter has officially started in Australia, and while this may mean that the long days in beer gardens, lounging around in summer dresses or shorts and thongs are over, it does mean that the time has come to snuggle indoors with big glasses of red wine, some DVDs, and some delicious comfort food. Here are my top meals that are perfect for winter.

5. Risotto

It’s something about all those starchy carbs, having been patiently attended to with constant stirring until it is just creamy goodness. Topped with grated Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano and freshly cracked black pepper, it’s satisfying and warms the insides.

4. Pea and ham soup

A piping hot soup is often quick and easy meal of choice on dreary winter days, and the pea and ham is a firm favourite. Thick and earthy in flavour, thanks to a bone of ham, it’s perfect served with crusty buttered bread.

3. Braised lamb shanks

Any braised meat is delicious in winter, but there is something about lamb shanks, when they are cooked slowly until tender and the meat is falling off the bone. Even better served with creamy mashed potato or sweet potato to soak up all the lovely juices and gravy.

2. Roasted pork belly

When most people think of winter foods, a roast dinner is right up there. There are so many choices when it comes to roasted meats, whether you prefer succulent pink lamb, or a crispy-skinned chicken with all the delicious sage stuffing, or the classic roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, but my first choice is a roasted pork belly served with perhaps some braised cabbage and crunchy roast potatoes. And of course, the star attraction, crispy salty crackling!

Roast pork belly

1. Pies of any variety

What is it about a pie that makes it a sure-fire winter winner? Is it the saucy inside, whether it be hearty, tender steak or lamb in warming gravy, or a creamy chicken or soft chunks of fish and seafood? Or is it the pastry, buttery and flaky on top? Or perhaps it’s the combination of everything, along with comforting mashed potato and mushy peas, or a side of chunky chips? Any which way, a pie is right up there as the ultimate winter dish. The perfect way to warm up a cold winter day!

What is your favourite winter dish?


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