List love: reasons to go to Wimbledon

Heading along to Wimbledon is always a brilliant experience, and 2012 is shaping up to be no different. Here are some reasons why you should get on down to SW19… or at least tune in on TV if there is a distance problem!

5) You may see a whole lotta Venus

The Williams sisters have never been known as shrinking violets, but in recent years Venus has taken outrageous outfits into a whole other dimension. After stepping out at 2010’s French Open sporting a getup that would have looked more at home on a street corner and showing up at 2011’s Australian Open closely resembling a lattice pastry (both outfits including appalling skin-toned bike shorts that gave the impression of seeing her whole bare butt on display), our imaginations are left to wonder what she can dream up to shock the notoriously stuffy Wimbledon officials with in 2012.

4) You could help Rafael Nadal

If you are a scientist, engineer or fashion designer, you may be able to help solve one of tennis’ great mysteries. Head on down to Wimbledon to examine the mechanics of Rafa’s underwear problem… then help him find a solution! Given the quantity of silverware in his cabinet, he must have the Cash at Bank necessary to finance Project No More Wedgie. And you may even get some generous donations from his grateful fans who would love to see the poor guy put out of his chronic underwear misery.

3) You may be treated to some comedy

First it was grunting. Now it seems the trend amongst female players is out and out screeching. Usually this is just plain annoying… but catch a match between Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka, and the sheer ridiculousness of the noises being issued forth may provide comedy value…

2) You might catch one of Djoker’s famous imitations 

Top level tennis players are often accused of taking themselves too seriously. Maybe Novac Djokovic is no exception to this rule but one thing is for sure… he doesn’t take those around him seriously! If you have spent any time watching tennis, you will appreciate how accurate (if exaggerated) his send ups of other professional players are. The guy is a genius at imitating body language. I’m personally hoping that one of these days he’ll add McEnroe to his repertoire!

1) Strawberries and cream & Pimm’s

While my previous entries may have been a little tongue-in-cheek, this one is the real deal. While it may just be the effect of hype, the strawberries at Wimbledon taste different to (and better than) any I have eaten anywhere else in the world. When you add good ol’-fashioned English cream, an ice cold glass of Pimms (the perfect summer drink) and the on-court action into the picture, sporting moments don’t get much better. All that is left is to hope is that the most important player on the court, English Summer, has also turned up on the day you are attending!


One thought on “List love: reasons to go to Wimbledon

  1. In response to a question on KellaHo’s question on Twitter “Have you ladies done the Henman Hill thing? Any tips? Thinking of going this year.”…

    Hi KellaHo,

    I’ve been on Henman Hill during the first week when the outside courts are all full and there’s a lot of action to check out, but never in the second week when there isn’t so much action on the outside courts (and therefore not so many people floating around the grounds) so can’t comment on how it would be then. During the first week, Henman Hill is pretty packed and has a great atmosphere… people come there for a bit of time out on the outside courts where it isn’t always possible to get a seat or just to soak up the vibe. If there is a Brit playing, it’s even better! To get onto Henman Hill, a ground pass is required. I’ve never queued before, but there is a handy page on the Wimbledon site that gives tips on how to best approach “The Queue” 🙂

    Don’t forget the generous rules that allow the equivalent of one bottle of wine or two 500ml beer cans to be brought into the grounds rather than paying the somewhat extortionate prices in the grounds!

    Wimbledon is definitely a great experience and I can highly recommend it! I hope you have an awesome time!


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