List love: movies that will make you weep

With all these recent celebrity break ups (that would be Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, and Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis for those of you living without newspapers), the constant rain whether you’re in Sydney or London, and the increasing number of eating establishments which don’t accept reservations, it’s enough to make you just want to sit down and cry.

If you’re finding it hard to get those eyes wet however, why not watch one of these sure-fire tear jerkers?

5. Wrath of the Titans

It was only when I was two minutes into the movie that I realised I had been duped into going to the cinema for this fine example of big budget, no talent film. I hazily recollected that I had indeed also hated its predecessor, Clash of the Titans. If you want to watch Greek mythology brought to life with an Aussie accent, and terrible acting, this is the movie for you. For everyone else – you will cry in despair as you realise that you’ve wasted two hours of your life, that you’ll never get back.

4. Million Dollar Baby

Not your typical sporting underdog-rises-to-become-champion movie, the dark twist at the end leaves you reeling and asking what you would have done. You’ll be bawling like a baby by the time Clint shows just how much he loves his little protege.

3. Crazy Stupid Love

This comedy drama romance will not only make you smile, but will bring women the world over to their quaking knees when Ryan Gosling whips off his shirt to Emma Stone’s “Seriously? It’s like you’re Photoshopped!” Well, it certainly brings tears of joy to my eyes, even now.  

2. Up

Supposedly a kids movie, the first 10 minutes has an impact on you that I doubt many kids should be exposed to, or would really understand. If you don’t at least have a lump in your throat, you can officially diagnose yourself as cold and heartless, and should probably turn your hand to focusing on what evil you can orchestrate in the world.

1. The Notebook

When my friend told me that she was asked to leave the cinema because she was crying so loudly while watching The Notebook, I nearly wet myself with laughter, and secretly deemed her to be an emotional type who clearly can’t keep it together. Fast forward three months, and I’m home alone with the movie on, hyperventilating from sobbing so much, and working my way through a 240 sheet count jumbo box of Kleenex. No movie has come close to eliciting such a response in me since, and I doubt that any will come close in future. Do yourself a favour and watch this movie – you’ll not only appreciate the sadness of love, you’ll also ensure your tear ducts are flushed completely clear, leaving you ready to take on the world again.

Do you know of any other tear-jerkers we should watch?


3 thoughts on “List love: movies that will make you weep

  1. Stepmom. That’s my go to whenever I’m in need of a good bawl. Up comes in handy when you’re stuck for time.

  2. ‘Market and Me’! The only movie I’ve ever watched that’s made me bawl. However, I haven’t seen all those on your list, but generally animals get preference in my heart over humans when it comes to movies.

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