List love: from Down Under, with love – Part 1

Alright, so Australia may not be known for its traditional cuisine. In fact, I’ve never met a foreigner who could name even one “famous” Aussie dish. But that’s just because we don’t want to share our best-kept secrets! Here are the food-stuffs that Aussies living abroad are probably missing the most…

5. Cadbury’s chocolates

Cadbury now gets to take the credit, but the best of its wares originated in the MacRobertson Chocolates factory in sunny Australia. Cherries, coconut and dark chocolate combine to give the Cherry Ripe a unique taste that has made it a favourite amongst Aussie families since 1924. And then there’s Freddo, our smiley little frog filled with a variety of flavours. You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but he’s over 80 years old. Still going strong, he is eaten 90 million times over in Australia every year. His cousin Caramello Koala, also an Australian icon, is eaten 40 million times a year… not bad considering he only comes in one (albeit very delicious) caramel flavour!

4. Hamburgers with The Lot

I’ve eaten a few burgers in my time. In a few different countries. But I’ve never had a burger that tasted quite as good as an Aussie burger with The Lot. We have the World’s Best Burger competition absolutely nailed. Take a regular hamburger (patty, tomato, lettuce) then add, add, add. Tasty cheese. Bacon. Fried egg. Pineapple. Fried onion. And the crowning glory… sliced beetroot.  Why hasn’t the rest of the world cottoned on to this wonder?

3. Arnott’s biscuits

How is one manufacturer capable of making so many life-changing biscuits? Aussies living all over the world pine for an Arnott’s biscuits hit, and they have lovingly filled many a care package from home. The question is, with limited space, which ones to choose??? For the chocolate lover, it could be ever-popular Tim Tams, some Mint Slices or even Caramel Crowns. For the cream lovers, perhaps Iced Vovos or Monte Carlos. Whilst the savoury palate will be craving for Jatz, Vitaweets or maybe Shapes, the snack for all occasions. Choose wisely, care package sender, the right choice may well earn you limitless brownie points from the recipient!

2. Vegemite

We love it. The rest of the world hates it. So what is it about Vegemite that sucks us Aussies in? Maybe we’re all a bunch of salt addicts. Maybe we’ve all been completely brainwashed by Kraft’s massively successful advertising campaign that’s been running for the last 60 years telling us that “We all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast lunch and tea”.  Who knows. But as a nation, we’re hooked. This thick, black goo is ingrained in our national culture. When travelling, it is the taste of home. If a six-foot-four man in Brussels gave us a Vegemite sandwich, as Men at Work kindly suggested one might, most of us would be “happy little Vegemites”!

1. Meat Pies

Pastry. Filled with meaty gravy. Topped with pastry. And of course plentiful helpings of tomato sauce (ketchup for you non-Aussies). Does it get any better? The answer is no. The meat pie is a truly amazing invention. Forget the words of the naysayers, the “rat’s coffin” is the epitome of fine cuisine. A dish for all occasions, especially those of the sporting variety… stadiums elsewhere in the world are all the poorer for their non-adoption of this food of champions. Eaten with a serving of mashed potato (and optional peas), you’ve got all food groups covered. Meat pie for Prime Minister? Why not? It would probably do a better job than the current powers that be!


2 thoughts on “List love: from Down Under, with love – Part 1

  1. I definitely agree that Australia has the best range of biscuits in the world thanks to Arnott’s. In particular, nowhere else in the world do you have such a satisfying and morish range of savoury crackers than Arnott’s Shapes – a whole box can disappear before your eyes!

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