List love: acceptable white lies

It’s not uncommon to encounter situations in life where something may not live up to your expectations. Despite our own inner thoughts to the contrary, it is definitely more than acceptable to tell a little white lie to keep things on an even keel, because telling the truth would just needlessly create an issue.

5.  “The meal was delicious”

You’ve been to a dinner party at a friend’s house and the meal just wasn’t that great. The chicken was too dry, the vegetables were slightly overcooked, and the gravy was too salty.  Despite this, it is only polite to compliment your hosts for their kind hospitality and to recognize the hours of effort that was undoubtedly spent on preparing the meal for you. If their cooking is truly shocking, maybe next time they want to meet up you could suggest dinner at your place instead!

4. “Your baby is adorable”

A lot of babies look like alien creatures, particularly when they are newborns. They may be overly wrinkly, have scaly skin, or have squinty eyes. Regardless, their parents always think that they are the most exquisite things and they will love hearing these words, and they will honestly believe you!

drooling baby

3. “Your parents are lovely”

Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time is almost always a daunting process. They may probe you, grill you, give you the third degree, but it is usually with your partner’s interest in mind. Unless they threaten you with violence or refer to you as a “ho-bag” or an “evil bitch”, it is recommended that you do not tell your partner that you think that their parents are bat shit crazy and slightly perverted, even if they are.

2. “This is such a thoughtful present”

One of the best things about birthdays and Christmas is the receiving of presents (and the excuse to eat anything you want, but that’s another matter).  However not everyone will be able to read your mind and know that you desperately want the latest Jamie Oliver cookbook or the Arnie DVD box set. This inevitably means that you will get presents that you don’t particularly want, and for women, this is often a Body Shop gift pack of soaps and lotions. Just remember that it is really the thought that counts, and at least you’ll smell nice.

1. “No, you don’t look fat”

No matter who asks you “does this make me look fat?” – your best friend, your sister, your wife or girlfriend, there is nothing to be gained from saying “yes”.  Even if it isn’t particularly flattering to their body shape, saying that they actually do look fat is enough to send most women into a Ben & Jerry’s mega-marathon.  What is better is to say that they outfit looks good but is the wrong length, the wrong style, it doesn’t sit quite right, the patterns are too distracting, but never ever mention the jiggly bits!

What white lies have you told?  What white lies do you think are OK to tell others?

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3 thoughts on “List love: acceptable white lies

  1. – “No, I’m full. You have the last [insert tasty morsel here]” – Truth be told, I could usually devour that bad boy in a blink, but well, I blame my upbringing for this response.

    – “Hmmm. That sounds interesting” – read “Really?”

    – “Of course I’m ok” – whether it’s stoicism, stubborness or an attempt to avoid an argument, a useful white lie to have to hand.

    Love, love, love the list loves!

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