List love: reasons not to post today

When you’re holidaying on Thailand’s gorgeous Koh Samui, there could be any number of reasons you wouldn’t want to keep on top of your regular commitments (such as writing blog articles!). Here’s my pick of what you (I) could be doing instead… (and the reasons why this article nearly didn’t make it today!)…

5) Relaxing on the beach

From the almost-deserted south-western coast to the party atmosphere of Chaweng Beach, there are no shortage of options for soaking up the rays. Preferably with a pina colada in hand. You could even take advantage of one of the pop-up style booths along the beach and combine chilling out with…

4) Having a massage

Starting from a measly 300 Baht (approximately GBP 6 or AUD 9) for an hour’s oil massage (this option is often more pleasurable than the cheaper but more painful traditional Thai massage without oil), who can resist the call of indulgence?

3) Scooting round the island

A Big Buddha, a m.mmified monk, waterfalls, interesting local markets and plenty of temples… all of this can be enjoyed by zipping round the island on a scooter. The roads are reasonable and the traffic is scooter friendly. What better way to explore?

2) Eating local street food

Forget the restaurants, street food is where it’s at. Large, steaming bowls of noodle soup, succulent meat on a stick, mango sticky rice… and all starting at around 40 Baht (less than £1) for a satisfying meal. Eating like a local, not like a tourist, is the way forward here.

1) Chilling poolside with great friends

If you happen to be on Koh Samui with friends, chilling by the pool is a very attractive option. And that’s exactly what the Three Little Pigs will be doing for the rest of today, celebrating yesterday’s marriage of our own PerfectlyRandom. Congratulations to the beautiful bride and her lovely groom and heartfelt thanks for sharing such a beautiful occasion with us.


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