Perspectives: making the right move – when work calls

When’s the right time to change jobs? Is it before you start feeling you’re caught in a repetitive cycle, so you leave on a high, or after, when you think you’ve achieved as much as you can? Is it when you need a step up in pay to support the family you’re thinking of starting, or is it when you’re footloose and fancy free without financial obligations so you can take risks?

Whether that job came looking for you, or you went after it, changing jobs can be a scary and daunting task. Today, we’re sharing some of our experiences.


1. What was your scariest career move?

Having worked for large blue-chip companies my whole career with established offices and plenty of resources at my fingertips, taking my new role as the first UK employee for a brand not yet launched, with not an office in sight has been my most risky move to date. Getting to be part of a brand new launch in a new country is a huge opportunity – but also a potentially ruinous blip on my CV if I can’t get it to work. On top of that, being a person who draws my energy from the company of others, I’m somewhat concerned about my sanity working in a team of two!

2. Your most rewarding career move?

Hopefully in  six months time, I’ll be able to say taking my new role! To date though, my most rewarding move was into Marketing. The years I spent in Finance and Category Management were great for building my skill base and experience, but I really started to actually enjoy my job when I moved into Marketing. Being able to shape a brand, create appealing propositions for people to buy into, and see a tangible product on shelf that I helped bring to life is rewarding – even if it is just potatoes.

3. What would your dream job be?

It’s probably a rose tinted view, but my ideas of what a locations scout would do definitely excite me. Scouring the globe for the right setting for movies would combine my love of travel with my sense of adventure – finding that off-the-beaten track spot would be immensely satisfying, and a great way to discover new places.


1. What was your scariest career move?

If I look at my career moves to date, I don’t think that I have taken great risks. I started off in management consulting but this period coincided with the great technology crash, resulting in a move to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. In moving to the UK, I went from the relative security of a  permanent job to contracting, with an agreement for only 6 months of work. However, neither of these cases resulted in an “oh shit” moment – perhaps I need to get out of my comfort zone!

2. Your most rewarding career move?

On returning to Australia, I took a job at a global eyewear retail company. It’s been a really interesting and challenging move, especially considering the current state of Australia’s retail environment, but most of all it’s been great to work for a company where I’m valued and my career is being developed.  There also the additional perk of having a great sunglasses collection!

3. What would your dream job be?

A rock star! On a serious note, I’m yet to work out what my dream job is, otherwise I would probably be working out how to do it right now! However it would be a job where I can indulge my love of travel, eating, and sleeping in. A food tour guide perhaps?


1. What was your scariest career move?

Taking a break from my established career in financial systems implementation and stepping into the completely unknown world of ethical fashion was a very scary career move. Unfortunately the venture didn’t work out and I am currently returning to my tried and tested career path for the time being, but I learnt a great deal about myself and am hoping to make another, more successful move in the future.

2. Your most rewarding career move?

My big move from Sydney to London was probably my most rewarding career move. There, I discovered the contract market in my chosen profession and set about establishing a lifestyle that has given me a very healthy work/life balance and lots of opportunities to travel meet great people for the last seven years.

3. What would your dream job be?

When I was growing up, I dreamed of being a professional tennis player, an actress or a teacher! Given that I am a little over the hill for the first and have never taken an acting class in my life, teaching is probably the only realistic dream left! These days, my ideal job would be running my own highly successful, socially responsible organisation that benefits other members of the community and can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world. Not asking much, huh?

* Image courtesy of stock.xchng


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