List love: unexpected movie endings

I love a good movie, despite the fact that I rarely have time to just sit in one place for two hours. The best movie endings in my opinion are the ones that are completely unexpected, a sheer genius twist that makes you walk out of the cinema asking your companion, “so, let me get this straight….”

Here are some of my favourite movie endings [it goes without saying, SPOILER ALERT!]

5. The Departed/Infernal Affairs

The Departed is a Hollywood remake of the Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs, and it’s a gripping story about an undercover cop trying to uncover the mole in the police force that enables the biggest criminal in town to continue getting away scot free. At the end of the movie, when the criminal dies and you think that the undercover cop will finally be free of his double life and return to a life of normality, he suddenly gets shot dead by the mole’s partner. No redemption, no happy ending, just completely tragic.

4. The Prestige

This was quite a dark but entertaining movie starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as rival magicians. When one of them invents the “Transported Man” trick, where they disappear in one spot and reappear in a completely different spot, the other is determined to find out how they’ve accomplished the “illusion”. The twist at the end is that it’s not really an illusion, but the magician actually has a twin acting as a double!

3. Fight Club

I thought this movie was completely mind blowing when I saw it for the first time, and not just a result of the physical violence. When the twist unveiled itself – that Tyler Durden was actually the narrator’s own projection when he was asleep, and that Tyler/he had masterminded the soap making business as a front for creating explosives to destroy symbols of capitalism – I was so utterly confused that I almost had to replay the whole movie again in my head and with my movie companion to understand all the linkages. Outstanding film where the twist means that you have to watch it several times to appreciate its cleverness.

2. The Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis plays a child psychologist who is helping a young boy who claims that he “can see dead people”. It turns out that he can make the ghosts go away when he helps them with unfinished business. The twist at the end of the movie is that Bruce Willis’s character is also a ghost, and he was killed by a man that was one of his patients. All the pieces fell into place, explaining why he thought his wife was ignoring him – he was actually dead!

1. The Usual Suspects

Kevin Spacey’s character, Verbal Kint, is sitting in the office of a police station, telling the officer about the events leading up to and around a ship fire and a massacre. It turns out that he’s one of two survivors of the whole event. His story points to a criminal mastermind called Kaiser Soze. At the end of the movie, when he is released from questioning, the officer realises that Kint has improvised the whole story using items from the office and that Kint was in fact Soze himself.

The Usual_Suspects

What are your favourite movies with good twists?


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