List love: why brunch kicks butt over breakfast

I love brunch. But I think breakfast blows. Why?

5. You get to sleep later, and eat later

I’m never really ready for breakfast. It’s more of an obligation because everyone tells you breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you’re supposed to kick start your metabolism within an hour of waking up. With brunch, there’s no obligation. You eat when you’re actually starting to get hungry, and your stomach has woken up. How ‘s that not about a million times better than forcing dry toast down your gob when you don’t feel like it?

4. You can legitimately eat meat

Sometimes, you get to have bacon with breakfast. Or a so called sausage in a McDonald’s mcmuffin. But in both cases, you feel a creeping sense of guilt that you’re having a “naughty” breakfast that should only really be partaken of when hungover. At brunch, on the other hand, you’re actively encouraged to make meaty choices. Suddenly beef, chorizo, sausages and even haggis are commonplace on the menu and just begging to be chomped on. Bacon becomes the star attraction, on everything from pancakes to corn fritter stacks. Ah, meat. Man’s best friend.

3. You won’t be hungry again until dinner

It doesn’t matter if I eat toast, cereal, fruit, or any other poxy breakfast option, you can bet that by 10am I’ll be starving and wondering what I can snack on to get me through until lunchtime. When I have brunch, I miraculously manage to feel completely satisfied until dinner time. I’m not a nutritionist, scientist, or even a very logical person. All I can say is, it’s a fact, and I don’t know why it works that way, but it does. And I appreciate it.

2. You can be as unhealthy as you like

There is no kudos given for any brunch eater who opts for the muesli. In fact, they’re usually cast onto a burning pyre and sacrificed to the god of bacon for their insolence. The beauty of brunch is that there are so few healthy options, and it’s understood that those are only on the menu to satisfy a strange kind of food related political correctness. French toast dripping with maple syrup and bacon, eggs benedict smothered with hollandaise sauce, breakfast burgers with bacon, cheese and fried egg atop a medium rare burger patty…oh, and did I mention hash browns? All this and more can be yours. At brunch.

1. You can relax

At breakfast, you’re always running out the door, or just arrived at the office, and firing up the laptop and clearing emails before your day of meetings starts. At brunch, you can take the time to read the paper, chat with friends and family, and order that second coffee.

Breakfast vs brunch. No contest really, right?


One thought on “List love: why brunch kicks butt over breakfast

  1. I ❤ this article like you would not believe! "cast onto a burning pyre and sacrificed to the god of bacon for their insolence" is definitely the best thing I've read this year so far 🙂

    There's a reason for (3) though – protein! Protein kills appetite very effectively, it's why Atkins etc. work, you eat more protein, you feel fuller, longer, you eat fewer calories as a result therefore: weight loss.

    It's why bacon is actually a health food. This is a fact by the way, I am totally a qualified nutrition-type-person-expert (that's what it says on my certificate, in crayon.)

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