The joys of street food

There seems to be two types of stomachs in the world: those that firmly believe that ill effects are caused by tap water used to wash vegetables in foreign countries, and those that are made of steel and who firmly subscribe to the 3 second rule. Luckily, I’m firmly in the camp of the latter, and I’ll sometimes even stretch to 10 seconds (if you’ve ever seen how clean my mum keeps her house, you’d understand that I’d eat off the floor after 30 minutes, let alone seconds).

The best thing about being able to stomach pretty much anything (except apple pies transported in a box that was likely used to carry chickens – but that’s a story for another day) is the ability to indulge in street food.

No matter where you go in the world, eating the way the locals do from street carts, is a cheap and tasty way to sample new cuisines. Whether it’s pad thai or the hottest green curry ever in Thailand, chicken and rice with plantains and beans in Bolivia, hot dogs in the USA, or dumplings in China, you just can’t go wrong.

With Kuala Lumpur still fresh on my mind, and tingling on my tongue, here are my top picks for must try street food if you’re visiting Malaysia.

Flaky roti and hot curry

These delicious rounds of layer upon layer of flaky goodness will set you back a whole ringgit ($0.30, £0.20) with dahl and either chicken or fish curry for dipping or soaking in, depending how you like it. If you’re taking away, the curries are popped into a bag for you, which adds to the excitement of the meal as you try not to snap the rubber band violently and send a curry shower over yourself.

Wonton and BBQ pork noodles

While this dish is also commonly served in soup, the dry version is really something in Malaysia. So salty, so good. These noodles in dark soy sauce are so simple but always manage to deliver. And yep, all for less than $1 a serve.

Char kway teow

These rice noodles flash fried in a smoking hot wok, with a smokey charcoal flavour are heavenly. Sneaky little crisp pieces of pork fat take you by pleasant surprise while the chili builds up in your mouth until you’re sniffling through the last few mouthfuls. Heaven.

Hainanese chicken rice

You know how you know this one’s the real deal? I don’t even have a photo of it – because I’m always too busy shoving it in as fast as I possibly can. Smooth, succulent chicken with tasty flavoured rice – served up with chili, and ginger and spring onion sauces. Deeeeelicious.

What other street foods can’t you resist?


5 thoughts on “The joys of street food

  1. My favourite street food in KL was amazing chicken satay skewers that TheRationalOptimist and I shared, served with cubes of steamed rice. They were heaven on a stick 🙂 Some enormous steamed chicken buns came a close second.

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