List love: man skills that impress women

Women are actually pretty easily charmed by men. Not every man has a physique that resembles Michaelangelo’s David, and although a smoking hot body will pique a woman’s attention at first, there are a few skills that will go a long way to impressing her for a long time. Brushing up on these skills will almost guarantee to charm a lady.

5. Sense of humour

It’s a bit of a cliche but being able to make a woman laugh will instantly make her relax and be herself. This isn’t about cracking jokes as such, but not taking yourself too seriously, being able to poke fun at yourself, and giving her a funny perspective on things makes you a more enjoyable person to be around!

4. Massages

There are very few people that are not seduced by a massage and the power of touch is pretty powerful at breaking the intimacy barrier without taking your clothes off. The ability to give a foot massage or a shoulder massage without causing her tremendous pain or jabbing her will pay massive dividends.

3. Fixing things and other handyman skills

In these days of independent woman and all that, she won’t admit that she needs a man to do things for her. However, there are sometimes certain things that need to be done where it is undoubtedly handy to have a man around so that we don’t have to do it. Taking the bins out or changing light bulbs is a start, but being able to change a washer or put up some shelves are true handyman tasks that will impress.

2. Cooking

It may seem basic but a man that has the skills to feed himself is much more attractive than one that relies on take out or ready meals. The ability to make a decent meal to feed a lady will impress more than the ability to singlehandedly smash a KFC bucket. It doesn’t have to be Michelin star quality, but a nice home cooked meal is a sure fire way to her heart.

1. Listening

It’s not a revelation that women love to talk. We want to talk about what we think of our bestie’s latest boyfriend, moan about how much we hate the boss at work, wistfully dream about all the amazing places around the world we want to see, or complain about the latest “advice” mum has given. The skill to not only listen and give encouraging statements as appropriate (“what a bitch!” or “I think that’s a great idea babe!”) without needing to solve our problems is definitely more valuable to a woman than a set of perfectly sculpted biceps.

dating couple conversation

Which man skills impress you?

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One thought on “List love: man skills that impress women

  1. Listening and sense of humor are key. Cooking and massage skills are very nice to have. The ability to plan ahead (events, weekends away) goes a long way as well.

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