Perspectives: boys, boys, boys

Listen up boys, everything you’ve heard about us girls is true. We’re utterly shameless. We’ll talk about our sex lives (in detail), we’ll talk about your bad habits (in detail), and we’ll make lists. Oh yes, lists. Think lists of boys names as we try and tick off all the letters of the alphabet (beware the girl that asks whether your name is Zachary before she plants one on you). Today, we’ve got boys on the brain.


1. Deal breakers

One word that would never be used to describe me is a “quitter”, so I have been known to give a guy a second and third date opportunity even if there wasn’t a real spark on the first.  I never thought I’d date a smoker until I actually met one that made me laugh.  I never thought I’d date a guy my height (quite difficult when you’re 154cm!) until I met one that was incredibly nice and intelligent.  None of these things were deal breakers, however there have been a few instances where the lovely, charming, funny guy has turned out to be an appallingly bad kisser, and then it was all over.

2. Novelty occupation you’d like to date

I’m being completely led by my stomach when I say that I would like to date a celebrity chef.  I’d love for my man to whip me up a fancy breakfast on the weekends, or impress all my friends over a degustation dinner party.  Of course, I wouldn’t actually want to date a real chef: long hours, night shifts, Friday and Saturday nights working over hot stoves rather than taking me out to dinner…

3. Most memorable date

I once had a first date that was memorable for all the wrong reasons.  The date was going swimmingly well at first.  We had charming, witty banter over drinks at the pub, but then we ordered food.  I ordered a steak, he ordered a side salad.  Hmmm.  After dinner, he was obviously so enamoured by me that he leaned over the table and pashed me, and remember what I said about bad kissers?  Following dinner, I met up with PerfectlyRandom and some of her friends at a bar, and he slapped me on the arse in front of everyone…on a first date!!  I ended up hiding from him in the toilets for a good half hour until he got the message.


1. Deal breakers

Smoking, nose picking and a lack of questions. If I walk away from a first date thinking that I know more about him than he knows about me, chances are there won’t be second!

2. Novelty occupation you’d like to date

Policeman, tick. Doctor, tick. Pilot, tick. Businessman, tick. Professional sports player, tick. Even truck driver, tick. Profession really hasn’t ever been a big factor for me. The thing I find most attractive about a man when it comes to his work is a genuine enjoyment of what he does and a desire to improve his skills and progress his career in his chosen field.

3. Most memorable date

I have a couple that are pretty high up there, but it’s difficult to beat the day that the Froggy (as I affectionately refer to my current boyfriend) took me to Disneyland, Paris. There was a moment when an expired pass threatened create havoc, but some sweet talking got us around the issue and we spent the most amazing day together, allowing our inner children to run riot as we ate ice cream, dressed up in character, walked at very high speed (ok, maybe we ran at times!) from ride to ride so we could fit in as many as possible, and screamed and laughed our way through the highs and lows of it all.


1. Deal breakers

Bad teeth. And long nails. And wearing formal shoes without socks. And not offering to pay on the first date. Forget feminism – make me feel like a lady!

2. Novelty occupation you’d like to date

I’ve dated the cliches (pilot, fireman, megalomaniac) but I’d still have to be a total groupie and say lead singer or drummer. Hell, I’m just going to say a band member. No, not a brass band member, or a marching band, I’m talking rock. The bigger the bass lines and the crazier the drum solos, the better. Obviously I’d expect them to pierce my soul with their ridiculously hot stare as I mosh it with the crowd at one of their gigs, but I don’t think that’s too much to ask since I’d likely have to end up supporting them when their rock dreams fall to ashes around them, right? Oh, and if his name was Xavier, that would help with my *ahem* list.

3. Most memorable date

Can you call a weekend a date? I got flown to Singapore for a weekend of eating and drinking once, that was pretty sweet. But if you’re sticking to finite periods of time in the one day being a date, then I’d have to say my first date with my other half. We decided on a casual first meet, he was going to join me for a drink where I was meeting some other friends and then we’d go and have a drink on our own. One and a half drinks in, while my mates were otherwise distracted, he stepped over to me and kissed me. I mean, kissed me. Call it arrogance if you will, I call it having balls. And hey, I married the guy last month – so he must have done something right.


One thought on “Perspectives: boys, boys, boys

  1. So Girls…maybe you would like a boys perspective, but first let me say, I’m currently looking into drumming lessons although I’m not about to grow my hair ‘again’…I might need some groupies to get the ball rolling. Any offers??

    Deal breakers

    Bad dress sense…we can only ever make the most of what we were born with, but what we wear reflects us as a person so this can give a great first impression or a very bad one. Talking about previous dates! men are very simple and we all want to think of ourselves as an Alpha male…providing us with details of a guy we’re going to compare ourselves to for the rest of the night is not the way to get the best out of us. Smokers…if you’re not a smoker you’ll understand why. A girl that is more concerned with her hair and nails than fully engaging us and finally lack of Intelligence. Everybody loves someone good to look at, it appeals to our most basic instincts which we all try hard to keep at bay during a good first date. Sexual appeal is important because there’s nothing better than a sexually charged first date…you ladies will refer to this as ‘the spark’ BUT…No one wants to be stuck with an attractive air head, you’re only good for one thing and it isn’t going to get you more than 3/4 dates.

    Novelty occupation

    This would only center around our own sexual fantasies and this isn’t really the right forum for that.

    Most memorable date

    This is interesting as it’s a very different experience for us Boys, it’s fraught with obstacles to overcome. For you girls it’s a case of turning up looking good…having lived with all three of you I know how stressful this can be for you at times!! you don’t even need to worry about turning up on time. On the other hand, when the responsibility of deciding on a venue…should it be dinner, drinks, or some great extravagance like a weekend away we have to judge what sort of girl you are, you’re likes and dislikes, what are your ‘first date’ rules! Do you want a gentleman that opens doors, takes control of ordering, perhaps you like to order for yourself and a gentleman is too soft…TOO NICE (that always comes up). It seems in many cases this event can be full of contradictions for what you’re really looking for.

    Guys, all I can say is this. Don’t second guess yourself, if the girls don’t really know what there looking for don’t try to guess yourself. Anyone trying to figure women out is on the path that will eventually drive them to madness. If you are yourself on your dates and it doesn’t work out, it never will so it’s best to nip it in the but before you put all that work in.

    To my beautiful wife (Perfectly Random….says it all really)…I’m glad I side stepped all those little defenses you put in place! I think you’ll agree, I’m the same person today that you met that amazing first ‘chance meeting’ with a few extra quirks of course.

    Keep up the good work girls…I’m enjoying the blogs x


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