List love: favourite days of the year

There are 365 days in the year and for most of the time, one day just blurs into another, particularly if you work or study full-time. However there are a few select days of the year that are always worth getting excited about!

5. New Years Day

On this day, the slate is wiped clean and you can look forward to a brand new year full of hopes and possibilities. Despite the fact that hardly anyone ever keeps their new year resolutions after a couple of months, you can still start the year with good intentions and people will cut you a bit of slack when it comes to explaining your modified behaviours. Quitting smoking, not swearing, joining the gym, and new trips to plan – a path to a better you!

4. Good Friday

This is no doubt a solemn day for Christians everywhere but for non-religious folk like me, this is the start of a 4-day extra long weekend! You have the time to go somewhere for a mini break with your partner of friends or just chill out at home with some movie marathons, and pig out big time on Easter eggs and hot cross buns slathered with creamy butter.

3. Christmas Day

So you may have to make polite chit chat with your pervy uncle or field questions from all the family about when you are getting married/having kids/finding yourself a decent man, but the best thing about Christmas is all the food! Leg ham, roast turkey, all the trimmings, or if you’re in Australia, a massive seafood feast with king prawns and oysters, and that’s before Christmas pudding and pavlova! This is the day that every diet goes out the window.

2. Australia Day

Any Australian would probably agree that our national holiday is pretty damn special. It’s the middle of summer, the cricket is on, we spend the day with friends with a barbecue and crack open a few cases of beer, and we tune into the annual radio countdown of the top 100 songs of the year. I’m sure other countries celebrate their national holidays in similarly fun style!

1. Your birthday

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to broadcast to everyone your birthday, you’re seriously missing out. It’s the one day of the year where it’s all about YOU! You eat two bowls of Coco Pops for breakfast, because it’s your birthday! You can pick whichever restaurant you want to dine at for dinner, because it’s your birthday! You can delegate chores to someone else, because it’s your birthday! Yes, lap it up peeps because it will be another 364 days before you get to be the boss for ONE WHOLE DAY!

birthday cake

Which is your favourite day of the year?


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