List love: how to spend $100 million

Recently, the entire population of Australia went bananas over the national OzLotto jackpot of $100 million. At water coolers around the country, people were already making a shopping list of how they would spend their money, despite the odds of winning the Division 1 jackpot prize being more than 45 million to one. It may well be a “tax on the stupid” but hey, as the guys from Freakonomics say, as a form of entertainment it’s pretty cheap and allows us to taps into our wildest fantasies!

Here’s how we would spend a $100 million windfall:

5. Buy holiday houses in all our favourite places

How many times have you visited a place and just wished that you lived there? Well, with $100 million and the choice to never work again, we would buy homes away from home where we could live wherever we wanted, depending on the latest whim. We’re thinking a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps, a London city pad, a beach shack on a Whitsundays island, a Manhattan apartment, and a dive house in Borneo. And your friends could come holidaying with you!

4. Upgrade to a massive walk in wardrobe

No doubt we will have a killer wardrobe after winning the lottery, so we will definitely need a bigger wardrobe. We’re sure that every woman has secretly (or not so secretly) lusted after a massive walk-in wardrobe filled with more dresses and shoes than Carrie Bradshaw. Of course, you’d probably need to shell out a bit more for the house that comes attached to the wardrobe!

3. Give money to our favourite charities

While we may have been fortunate to land more money than we could ever imagine, there are millions of people around the world that are less fortunate. Imagine the difference you could make to the lives of many by funding much needed aid and medical research.

2. Throw a massive party to end all parties for our friends

Nothing but the best for our buddies either – we’re thinking our own private island in the Caribbean somewhere, cocktails, seafood canapés, Mumm champagne, and rocking out to the fun tunes of the Scissor Sisters, live of course!

1. Go travelling

It goes without saying that if it weren’t for the fact that we actually needed to work to earn money, we’d be off travelling. There are over 190 countries in this world, all varying in size, culture, language, landscape and history, and despite our collectively extensive travelling to date we’ve still much to see and experience. Of course, the lack of $100 million does not prevent us from travelling currently, but the ability to do it full time is something we yearn for!

What would do with $100 million?


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