Perspectives: dating conundrums

The dating game is a minefield.  There are creeps, crazies and weirdos in every bar and also on online dating sites.  So naturally, we may look a bit closer to home when it comes to a potential partner.  But how close is too close?


1.  Would you date your ex’s friend?

Whilst this is something I haven’t done before, it’s not out of the question. But it’s all about proximity, both physical and emotional. Dating a really close friend of my ex, with all three of us living in the same city? Now that could be awkward. But dating a more distant friend, especially if he and I now lived in a different city to my ex? That could be doable, as long as my ex didn’t have a problem with it.

2. Would you date your friend’s ex?

If I had been beside my friend through the thick and thin of her relationship, there is little chance I would then turn around and go out with the guy later, even if she did give her seal of approval. But if their relationship had played out in a different city and I wasn’t a party to the intimate details of their life together, it might (definitely only might!) be a different story, but again only if my friend was OK with it. I once had a short relationship with a friend’s ex-fling, which was actually a really lovely relationship, but apart from the night we met, we never saw my friend together so there was never any weirdness about it!

3. Would you date a friend’s sibling?

I can’t think of any current friend’s siblings who I would actually date, but as a theoretical matter of speaking, why not? My friends are good people and their siblings are raised by the same parents… why not raise the chances that my boyfriend is a decent guy? The only real complication I can see is that complaining to my friend about my boyfriend’s latest stupid antics would take on a whole new level of political complexity… “Arg, you’ll never guess what that idiot I’m dating has done now! Oh yeah, he’s your brother. Well, not to worry about it then, I’m sure it was done with the best of intentions!” Haha. I would definitely want my friend’s buy-in before taking even the first step towards dating his or her bro.


1.  Would you date your ex’s friend?

I think the more pertinent question is: am I friends with my ex? If yes, then no. If no….well, probably still no. I like to think of life as constantly evolving. Introducing an ex back into my life would seem like, well, devolving (is that even a thing?).

2. Would you date your friend’s ex?

Nope. Maybe this has more to do with my thinking that there isn’t just “the one”, and that you can end up happily with a multitude of people, but I just don’t see why there would ever be the need. There are approximately 7 billion other people you could go out with. Even if you cut that in half, depending on sexual preference, reduce to 30% to get to an appropriate age span, and reduce by 95% to eliminate nutters and people you’re just not going to get on with – well, that still leaves you with approximately 52.5 million people. Don’t $hit on your own doorstep, that’s all I’m saying.

3. Would you date a friend’s sibling?

Um…*blushes and clears throat*…possibly. I was unemployed and needed entertaining, dammit! Won’t I ever live this down?!


1.  Would you date your ex’s friend?

If I was still on good terms with my ex then I wouldn’t see this as a problem. I would definitely talk to them about it first just to let them know – I imagine it would not be very cool to find out second-hand. Having said that, I would never have a one night stand with an ex’s friend. I wouldn’t want to make things awkward between the two of them.

2. Would you date your friend’s ex?

I would find this pretty difficult, especially if my friend had had a long term relationship with the guy. Even if my friend and their ex were on good terms, the thought of knowing a part of that guy’s history is just a bit too close to home. In relationships, I never ask about their previous relationships because I want to disconnect them from their exes and don’t want their past playing with my insecurities. Being friends with their past would be unappealing.

3. Would you date a friend’s sibling?

If I look at the siblings of my friends, they are generally quite similar to my friends, which makes sense coming from the same family. We usually all share similar family values and outlook on life, and therefore I think the chance of compatibility is higher than meeting a random in a bar. As long as my friend was OK with it, I wouldn’t see a problem with it.

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