List love: fancy dress success

I know a lot of people who get that sinking feeling inside, the minute fancy dress is mentioned. It seems like it’s just such a hassle to think of, then source, an outfit.

I’m in the other camp – I actively campaign for fancy dress at any chance I get, and prefer getting into a character outfit than shopping for a new dress to hit the town in.

If you don’t share my passion, let me try and convince you with some of the reasons why fancy dress is such a winning concept.

1. You can choose to be sexy, and not feel in the slightest bit self conscious

Bum skimming hem line? Thigh high stockings on show? Bustier tightly strapped? You can wear whatever, as short as you want, as low cut as you want, in whatever fantasy inducing material you want, and look super hot but not be considered a tart. Why? Because you’re in character, of course. Catwoman wouldn’t be Catwoman in a baggy velvet number now would she?

2. You can legitimately wear flats out without feeling underdressed

Oscar the Grouch lived in a dustbin, not in 6 inch platforms. And the Baywatch babes would definitely be wearing thongs (flip flops!) with those bright red swimsuits, not stilettos. So if you’ve got to look the part, and if it just so happens you can be comfortable and not finish the night crying into your high heels with crippling pain through the balls of your feet – well, so much the better.

3. You can leave your inhibitions at the door

Ever noticed how the (usually) quiet ones suddenly become the life and soul of the party once they’ve got a mask on? Somehow, donning the outfit of a different personality means you can actually channel that persona and pretend for a while that you’re a completely different person. Who wouldn’t fancy being super smooth James Bond, or tough but sexy Lara Croft for an evening?

4. You’re guaranteed to make friends wherever you go

If you’ve ever struggled to meet people, or find that conversation starter, fancy dress is the social lubricant you’ve been looking for. As soon as you’ve got a wig, mask, or frankly, just an interesting hat on, you’ll find everyone has something to say to you about it. They’ll want to take their picture with you, try it on, have a dance with you…all you need to do is laugh, nod, and pose.

5. Your Facebook photos look really fun

What screams “I’m having a really awesome time, with my super carefree attitude, and my totally cool friends who are also just as up for having a good time as I am?” than a bunch of photos of you in fancy dress plastered all over your Facebook page? I rest my case.

80s fancy dress

*Photo courtesy of Rollerworld.


2 thoughts on “List love: fancy dress success

  1. I like that this post follows straight after one called “When fashion goes horribly wrong”!!! Haha

    I do like a spot of fancy dress myself for all the reasons above but especially number 3. Be as outrageous as you want, as long as it’s in character.

  2. See these don’t (re)convince me!

    1. YOU may “wear whatever, as short as you want, as low cut as you want, in whatever fantasy inducing material you want, and look super hot but not be considered a tart.” but that doesn’t work for everyone! Admittedly, I don’t look like a tart when I throw on my neon hotpants, I look like someone who has completely lost touch with the reality of my size and shape.

    2. I live in flats. I wear heels to fancy dress parties.

    4. (yes, I’ll give you 3!) I’m a Londoner. I don’t want to talk to people on the tube 😉

    5. My facebook friends are under no illusions – you can put a costume on me, but I’ll still have an unhealthy love of Excel.

    It’s not that I don’t like it … i think I just tire of it once I’ve had too many fancy dress parties in a row (this time of year is a killer). I know it’s not true, but it always gives me the impression that there’s not going to be enough else going on to make a night out great.

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