List love: the positives of long-haul flights

The general consensus is that long-haul plane travel is particularly unpleasant. I have recently heard many Europeans site the 24 hour journey time between their continent and the Land Down Under as the reason they have never visited. And heaven forbid a trip to New Zealand… it’s even further and takes even longer! But the benefits of long-haul travel usually outweigh the negatives, and it can be really helpful to remember the positives are you’re preparing for your flight…

5) It’s only 24 hours

Granted, 24 hours can be a long time. When you are actually in the plane or worse, in transit, it sometimes seems like an eternity. But putting the 48 hours for a return trip to the other side of the globe into a little perspective, the total flight time will be around 0.5% of that time in the current year. And if you compare it to a 70 year lifespan, it’s less than 0.008% of your total time. If your destination is going to provide you with memories that last a lifetime, it seems a pretty worthwhile investment.

4) You are waited on hand and foot

How often is it that you don’t have to lift a finger for 24 hours? You sit in a seat and everything  is brought to you. All your food prepared for you and served to you by (hopefully!) friendly flight staff. And then there’s the alcohol. Free, delivered direct and ultra-effective at altitude. Anyone complaining?

3) Relaxation is A-OK

Got some movies you haven’t got around to watching yet? A book you’ve really been wanting to read? No problems. Your girl/boyfriend is not going to nag you to get up off the couch and do some cleaning. You have a legitimate right to do absolutely nothing except read books, listen to music, play computer games and watch movies for 24 hours. Ahhh.

2) You are probably going or have been somewhere really cool

Always keep your eye on the prize! You are probably either off on an adventure to the other side of the world, ready to create wonderful memories (or maybe to sign an important business deal) or returning home sweet home from your adventure, wonderful memories already added to the memory bank. The experiences you will have at your destination will be the memories you keep, the flight will usually fade to a distant recollection.

1) You may score an upgrade

Admittedly this is a rare occurrence, but the author herself can testify to the fact that it does sometimes happen! A chance upgrade to business class will change the complexion of a long-haul flights, especially in an A380. The ability to lie down to sleep will enhance all of the above experiences to the point where a long-haul flight is actually an extreme pleasure!

Plane interieur


2 thoughts on “List love: the positives of long-haul flights

  1. Awesome post! Agree completely with this. I love long haul flights because I have the opportunity to watch movies, read books, etc. without feeling guilty that I’m not doing household chores or something more productive at home! Only downside of long flights is the sore bum 😦

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