“I’m outta here!!” When it’s time to leave your job…

In only a few days, I will be finishing up my job at my company before I start a new job next week.  It’s been a good 22 months, but now is the time to move onto a new challenge and keep building my career.  It was a tough call to leave my current job, since I love the people and the company, but there just came a time when I had to prioritize my career and think of the next step.

When you spend over 40 hours a week at your job, it’s important that you feel engaged at work and that you feel like you’re deriving some satisfaction from the time you’re there (especially when you could instead be lying on the beach or sitting on the couch eating Tim Tams).  However there will come a time when it’s time to look for a new job, and this may be attributable to either push or pull factors.

There can certainly be some fairly obvious push factors that may be telling you it’s time to leave your job:

  • You hate your boss, who constantly undermines your good work, and your colleagues constantly gossip about you – you need to leave that toxic workplace before you go postal and lace the coffee tin with laxative
  • You’re sick of doing the same stuff every week or every month, and you’re starting to complain just a bit too much (to anyone that will listen) about how boring your job is
  • You started off keen as beans to improve processes and contribute to making the job your own, but you’re no longer thinking about what you could do better and just looking forward to walking out of the office at the end of each day, or
  • You like your company and your colleagues, and you don’t mind the job, but you don’t see a future there because it’s just too damn small for your lofty ambitions.

job ad career change

If you’re not encountering any of the above, then congratulations!  It means that you’re probably pretty happy in your job, however there may be some other reasons for you to move on.  Particularly if you are ambitious, you will always be looking for that next move and how you can further develop yourself professionally so that you can gain more job satisfaction, or just earn more dosh.  Some pull factors may include:

  • You are looking for a new challenge, either in a more senior role or a change in industry, so that you can gain more experience, such as people management, or just broaden your exposure to different industries
  • You want to move into a company that offers better career opportunities, such as through mentoring and working with some fantastic senior managers, investment in your training and development, or just a bigger company that gives you scope to move around and experience lots of different parts of the business, or
  • You want to completely change what you’re doing and start your own business or change your career completely to either increase job satisfaction or give you more flexibility to balance your work with your life.

For me, my career move will offer me an opportunity to develop my people management skills, greater career prospects in a bigger company, and the opportunity to work with some fantastic high-calibre people.  Of course I will be very sad to be leaving all the fun and inspirational people that I currently work with, and thankfully social media makes it super easy for busy people to stay connected.

However I’m looking forward to a new challenge and a new environment!  Wish me luck!

* Image courtesy of stock.xchng


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