List love: from Down Under with love – Part 2

This weekend Australia celebrated its national day. Besides eating lamb, listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown, and watching the cricket, Australia Day is also a celebration of Aussie culture and way of life, and the people that have contributed to it.

Here are our nominations for those that surely must be in the running for Australian of the Year for putting us on the map.

5. Lleyton Hewitt

The guy reached world number one in men’s tennis and won two US Opens. Despite the fact that many Aussies dislike his cocky attitude, he gave the world the cobra stare gesture and the “C’MON!!!!!!” which has been emulated across suburban tennis courts or beach cricket games around the country.

4. Kylie Minogue

We first knew her as Charlene from the long-running Aussie serial, Neighbours. Since then she has reinvented herself as the “singing budgie”, wannabe actor, and all round girl next door despite the ultra-glam lifestyle. However, there’s no denying that she really put us on the map with those famous gold hot pants. How does she stay looking so good into her forties?

3. Hugh Jackman

He’s Wolverine! Enough said.

2. Bob Hawke

Before he was Prime Minister of this fine country, Bob Hawke was a Rhodes scholar. During his time at university, he set a Guinness world record for downing a yard glass of beer and earned the respect and admiration of Australians for years to come.

1. Shane Warne

He has kept us enthralled with his spin bowling attack, but it was really his off-field antics that really amused us. Getting caught puffing on a ciggie while being sponsored by a nicotine patch company, being banned from cricket after taking a diuretic allegedly given to him by his mum, being caught in a g-string with two girls, his infamous texting scandals, endorsing hair replacement services, and now his current engagement to Liz Hurley which happens to have coincided with his slimmed down, fake tanned, and face-lifted appearance. The Sun-Herald even says that he is “the envy of every Australian male, because he can behave like a hoon and get away with it”. We forgive everything because he’s the quintessential Aussie larrikin.

Shane Warne

*Image courtesy of ninemsn.


3 thoughts on “List love: from Down Under with love – Part 2

  1. I’ve been waiting patiently and even given you a few days grace… are you admitting you’re a year old/er or just denying the passage of time?

    Happy Birthday and a few days ladies!

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