List love: why business class kicks arse

I’ve had the privilege of sitting up the front of the plane a few times in my life. I’ve never once paid for it (honestly, who is swimming in so much cash that they would fork out 4 times the cost of an economy airfare for a business class seat??) but I’ve been lucky enough to travel business class for work or have been upgraded when I’ve accepted being bumped off my original flight.

Once you’ve sat in business class however, it’s difficult to imagine travelling any other way. These are some of the things that you could easily get accustomed to:

5. A welcome drink

There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re one up on the economy crowd by being offered a glass of champagne or juice as soon as you arrive at your seat. And it’s in a proper glass rather than plastic.

4. Delicious meals

Perhaps it’s just me, since I hate eating out of plastic take-away containers even at home, but there’s something nice about eating your meal from normal plates and bowls, and with normal metal cutlery and nice white linen. Economy can keep their plastic cutlery and tiny plastic trays. And in business class you get better quality of food and wine, and more room width-ways so that you don’t have to eat your meal with your elbows pinned awkwardly by your sides.

3. Pyjamas

If you’re flying long haul overnight, you receive a set of comfy cotton pyjamas. It’s inevitably too big, and they never have small sizes for women, but it’s nice to sleep in elasticated cotton pants and a baggy T-shirt rather than tight jeans and your nice top.

2. More legroom

At the mini height of 5’1’’, I don’t need a lot of room to stretch out my mini legs. However the benefit of more legroom is that you can easily duck to the toilets if you’re stuck in the middle row of seats or by the window without sticking your arse into the aisle person’s face.

1. Lie flat bed

This is the ultimate reason to fly business class, particularly if you’re flying long haul overnight. The seat stretches out flat to almost horizontal so that you can get a good night’s rest, and you can even sleep on your side or on your stomach, if you’re a front sleeper like I am. And for those times that you’re just watching all the latest release movies rather than sleeping, you can recline back as far as you like without the economy guilt of having your head in someone else’s personal space.

Now, if only one could win lotto to pay for business class travel on a more regular basis!

Business class lie flat bed* Image courtesy of


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