Improvisation… phone camera style

My compact camera. It’s like an extension of my arm. Or at least a permanent fixture in my handbag. It comes everywhere with me. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Except this week. Well, technically my camera was with me. But my memory card wasn’t. It was firmly lodged in the card reader of my computer. Which was in Paris. I was in London. Not ideal.

As the initial shock settled, I thought I was getting used to the idea. It seemed the perfect opportunity to prove all those doubting friends and boyfriend of mine that I wouldn’t throw myself off one of the town’s many bridges. I could actually live 5 days without a camera!

Alas, I lasted all of about 5 seconds. As I looked longingly at the beautiful sun setting behind Southwark Cathedral, it suddenly dawned that all of the 3 phones I currently carry around with me (more on that some other time) have cameras in them! Yes!!! We all have moments in life when we need to improvise, right?     Southwark Cathedral sunset

And improvise I did. My usual life-as-a-photo-journal continued, just using different equipment!

So how does Monday to Friday in the life of a former-London-resident-returned-but-only-during-the-week as captured on her mobile phone look? Far too busy and with far too much food! Not to mention far too grainy. Something like this in fact…

An unexpectedly good burger at the Old Red Cow followed by my first ever visit to the very cool Barbican Centre where I shared a musical feast performed by Olafur Arnolds with my bestest token English friend.

Old Red Cow burger

Barbican Centre

Olafur Arnalds

Meeting my friends’ beautiful baby girl. Isn’t she adorable?

Gorgeous bubba

More of Southwark cathedral during a visit to Borough Market. And yes, the lamb wrap was every bit as good as it looks.

Southward Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral

Lamb wrap

An amazing home-cooked meal by a master-chef friend… twice cooked chicken (low-roasted for 4 hours! then barbecued) served with carrots, cauliflower, aubergine parmagiana and, god bless his cotton socks, homemade bread. Followed by baked lemon curdy, egg-whitey deliciousness from a recipe passed down from his grandma. Yum.

Home-baked bread

Master-chef meal

Lemony goodness

A touch of simultaneous snow and Shard spotting from my office window.

The Shard

A morning walk past my favourite house in London.

Fave house

Slurping up some ramen at Tonkotsu. As much as I appreciate that it was probably pretty good as ramen goes, my verdict is “give me a Vietnamese over a Japanese soup any day”.

Tonkonsu ramen

And imbibing a sneaky couple of Soho’s cheapest-but-not-trendiest cocktails at Thirst with some French visitors.


Our own PerfectlyRandom kindly loaned me her house this week… but I barely got to see it! It’s a wonder I stayed awake enough long enough to snap my last moments of London for the week… departing on the Eurostar.


And the verdict on the phone photos? Well, I’m really glad I didn’t realise how bad the quality of the low-light ones would be as I was taking them, or I’m sure my real-camera separation anxiety would have been far worse! It seems that whilst the primary purpose of my photo taking is to capture the memories of my daily life, I like to take some decent photos whilst doing it. In my opinion, phone photos just don’t really cut it. Important lesson learned… always have a spare memory card on hand!


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