French wine, expo style

Paris loves its “salons” (exhibitions). There is a constant stream of exhibitions on basically anything you could dream up. From travel, fashion, cars and chocolate to babies, books, real estate and even mixed Asian weddings(!), Paris has got your every exhibition need well and truly covered.

I had a great time a few weeks ago when the cows rolled into town for the annual agricultural show. But in reality, it was just a warm-up for my favourite of all Paris’ exhibition, the bi-annual Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendent (Exhibition of Wines of Independent Winemakers). When a couple of free tickets turned up in the mail (possibly based on some over-purchasing at the last expo) I was super excited!

Expo ticket

The March event is somewhat smaller than its November sibling, with a mere 600 independent winemakers turning up under one roof compared to 1,000 at the larger event. Still, it was enough to make do. Just.

For an idea of scale, every one of the colourful round signs you see in this picture represent a different stand with 5-10 wines on the tasting menu. And that’s only 3 out of the 16 rows! The colours on the signs represent the regions the wines are from. We set out to try something from every region, but didn’t even make it that far!

Salon du vin

The French know how to do wine. Their offering is rich in diversity, and there’s really something for everyone. Whether you’re a lover of reds…








Something a little sweeter to go with dessert…


Or even a little something for before or after your meal…

Cognacs & pineaux

And that was just what at was on display! Behind the scenes, there were boxes, boxes everywhere!


We stuck to a couple of humble backpacks to transport our loot home, but these guys were really getting into the action!


My prize for presentation went to this creative display…

Creative presentation

But my overall first prize for the day went to us… for coming home with a nicely balanced selection to add to our cellar and tide us over until November!

Our cellar additions


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