Why aren’t you angry?

I don’t often have the luxury of listening to morning radio, being a public transport commuter in London, but while zooming around on Melbourne’s lovely straight roads last week for work, I managed to get an earful of a this segment.

A DJ, Hughesy, was basically outraged that his colleague, Tim, had posted a picture of himself on instagram, twitter and facebook at the Grand Prix that weekend with two not bad looking promo girls flanking him. His outrage apparently stemmed from the fact that he thought this was out of line, since Tim’s wife was at home nursing a newborn, while he was out flaunting his “good time” across multiple social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 18.22.57

But why was Hughesy so worked up?

Tim’s wife certainly didn’t seem to mind.

And as Tim quite reasonably pointed out, the girls were promo chicks – it wasn’t like he had chatted up some random hotties and coerced them into sitting on knees.

It’s funny how we can sometimes work ourselves up into a righteous rage on behalf of someone else that we feel has been hard done by – even if that person doesn’t feel that way themselves. In fact, their lack of anger can make us feel even more angry – if we don’t think they’ve been treated appropriately, why the heck do they?

It can be hard not to project your values and beliefs onto others.

But what’s right for one isn’t right for all, and we need to remind ourselves of that from time to time. We can’t judge others by how we feel about their actions if they have nothing to do with us – can we?


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