10 reasons not to cry

Some people get really, super duper excited about Christmas. The family time, the food, the presents.

I am not one of those people.

Because I save up all my excitement for the one day of the year that’s all about ME. My birthday.

Except this year, when I woke up on my birthday, I’d been sick for a week. I lost my sense of taste (the worst possible punishment for someone like me who lives to eat), my throat was being splintered apart with every chesty, bone rattling cough I emitted, and my other half was running a ridiculous fever.

So I cancelled my birthday. I mean, what’s the point in going out for lunch and dinner when you can’t taste?

Then I had a good, long cry (consisting mostly of muffled sobs and despairing wails of “it’s not fair!” – not fair that I was missing out on restaurants booked ages in advance, not fair that I’d been working so hard and just wanted to enjoy myself, not fair that my whole family was having dinner together that night in Oz on MY birthday, without ME).

Finally, I pulled myself together. Sure, I’m now borderline early to mid 30’s – but I’ve got a whole lot more to smile about this year, rather than wallow in misery.

  1. I’m going to Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck next week *squeals* (thanks hubby!).
  2. When I travel for work, I go to either Amsterdam or New York. Not exactly a tough deal.
  3. Our friends are moving to Finland. So we can go and visit, obviously.
  4. When someone says “swim up pool bar?” I get to say “hell yeah – Jamaica, in August!”
  5. I am finally living my dream of working in zone 1.
  6. My mother has learnt how to use emoticons on her iPad. Seriously funny stuff.
  7. My girlfriend and I are going to Cossack dance around Russia in fur hats drinking vodka and eating caviar in August.
  8. On my 24th birthday I ate 3 large cones full of gelato in Florence. I plan to beat that record this year, before I turn 34.
  9. Three of my best friends are visiting from the US and Oz this year – and I love sharing London with my loved ones.
  10. And I’m going camping in May. In England. Yep, I’m probably going to freeze to death, but at least I’ll have fun doing so.

So here’s a happy birthday to me – and to getting on with a whole lot more good health!


(Pretty sweet birthday cake, eh?)


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