Men & communication – two words that don’t belong in the same sentence

What is it with men? We apparently speak the same language as they do, but it doesn’t mean that successful communication is assured. Sometimes they speak in riddles and rhymes, but most times, it seems that the desire to communicate is just lacking on their part.

One of my girlfriends recently told me about the range of her boyfriend’s lack of communication abilities, from being unable to describe why he disliked a concert or a movie (“it’s just shit”) to being irrationally upset with her every time she went out with her friends (“I don’t know why you have to see them all the time”) without able to articulate why this bothered him.

And don’t even bother trying to get a man to talk seriously and thoughtfully about his dreams and ambitions, let alone his feelings on where he sees your relationship heading. No, that’s too much to ask. He would mostly rather sit back and down a few beers while watching the football, probably because the television doesn’t ask him questions.

Of course, I’m massively generalising. I’m sure that there are quite a few unique, thoughtful and articulate men that are both in touch with their emotions and also able to express their feelings. These are probably not the same men that will choose beer and football over communicating with their girlfriend or wife.

However, for those girls that are not lucky enough to be coupled up with a expressive man, how do we find out what is going on inside that head of theirs?


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4 thoughts on “Men & communication – two words that don’t belong in the same sentence

  1. Maybe the trick is to ask like a journalist — ask a question that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. Men and women definitely have different communication styles, that’s for sure.

  2. The real questions here is: why do you need to “find out what is going on inside that head of theirs” in the first place? If the move is “shit”, then why is that not good enough? Why the need for more, more, more. You’ll drive blokes away if you push. Why can’t you sheilas just be content with a bloke who loves you and treats you right?

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