Celebrating the sunshine

I love life in Europe. With one small exception… an unfortunate season known as winter. In my cities of choice, Paris and London, winter does powerful things. It sucks away any traces of blue and smudges the sky grey. It does a magic trick that David Copperfield would be proud of, disappearing the sun from right before the audiences’ eyes not just for a couple of minutes but a solid 6 months! And the chill in the air? Don’t even get me started!

Usually a decent month-long Christmas trip back to Australia will be enough to get me through relatively unscathed but even with said trip, this year winter has been interminably long. I mean, snow in April? Really Mother Nature???

But finally, in May, a possible turn for the better. For the last week, Mr Sunshine has been valiantly attempting to break through the cloud barrier… and the beautiful light streaming through the window here in Orleans this morning seems to indicate he’s finally starting to get the upper hand.

So here’s to you, Mr Sunshine, and the warmth, light and happiness you bring. May we spend much time together this European summer!



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