The first hint of spring hit Paris this weekend. So what did I feel compelled to do? Head out to enjoy the sunshine & warmth? No, I decided to clean!

There is something incredibly therapeutic about a good spring clean. Putting the darkness and cold of winter behind by cleaning out the nest in preparation for the sunny days ahead somehow seems perfectly fitting.

What is not perfectly fitting or therapeutic, however, is the fact that I spent all day handling and cleaning breakable objects. And the only one I broke? My brand new and very gorgeous salad bowl that I hadn’t even used yet. Nooooooo!!!

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something that you’re really looking forward to using then you do something ridiculously clumsy, rendering your beautiful shiny new object a shadow of its former self??? It’s happened to me a few times along the way now. A brand new mobile phone dropped and severely dinted the day after I bought it. The camera and umbrella cords getting mixed up around my wrists, with the camera going for a fall down the stairs at Sacre Coeur. Just a week after purchase. While it’s obviously not the worst thing that can happen, breaking something new is, to put it quite simply, very disappointing.

As for the fate of the salad bowl? Well, he may not be as pretty anymore, but he still serves his purpose. I might just embrace his imperfection and keep him around for a while…

Salad bowl


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