Guest post: top things to see & do during a trip to Guernsey

Today’s guest post is from Jake.  Jake is an avid traveller and loves visiting quirky places. He works to travel and loves to spend as much time discovering new places as possible.

So I was sat at work a couple of weeks back and, sick of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I decided to do the only logical thing – book a weekend away. Browsing the Internet I came across the little island of Guernsey, and being only a 50-minute flight from London, Gatwick it was perfect. The idea of getting away from the city to a small island and spending a weekend in the great outdoors was fantastic.

The trip lived up to expectations and I was actually overwhelmed with the number of different things to see and do. So today I thought I would take you through a couple of things that stood out for me and should be seen as a must if you are ever lucky enough to visit this quaint little island.

Herm Guernsey

1. Coasteering

Now, as I mentioned, one of the main pulls of Guernsey for me was the idea of getting away from it all and spending a weekend doing some outdoor activities. I had never actually heard of coasteering but was chatting to a very friendly bloke on the flight over who highly recommended I gave it a go. With a little trepidation I turned up to one of the guided sessions and off we went. I loved it! I’m not sure how best to describe it but will give it a go, it is essentially an adventure sport that includes scrambling over rocks, swimming in gullys and caves, sea level traversing and there is even some jumping thrown in.

This was one of the highlights of the trip for me and a great way to explore some of Guernsey’s fantastic coastline.

2. The South Coast Cliffs

While we are on the subject of Guernsey’s coastline I feel it would be a crime not to give a special mention to the cliffy south coast. I wouldn’t really class myself as an avid walker but I really enjoyed trekking the south coast nonetheless. I discovered secluded bays, hidden caves and ancient harbors. A few places worth an extra special mention are Saints Bay & Moulin Huet – natural beauty at its best.

3. Victor Hugo’s House

Reluctantly moving away from the coast I decided to check out one of Guernsey’s famous tourist attractions. Having watched the recent Les Misérables film, with Anne Hathaway, I was intrigued to discover more about the original author. I knew a bit about Victor Hugo already but going inside what was once his home, that has been painstakingly restored to appear as it would have in the 18th century, gave a further insight into the eccentric mans mind. I feel this is must for all visitors to Guernsey, regardless if you are a Hugo fan or not.

4. Island Hopping

Another bonus of Guernsey, and part of the reason why I choose it over Jersey, is the cluster of smaller sister islands that surround it. Unfortunately I did not have the time to visit them all but imagine that Guernsey would make a great location for an island hopping holiday not too far from home. I did manage to get across to the closest island, Herm, on my last day and I’m glad I did. The island is like a little slice of peace and tranquility in an otherwise rushed and hectic world. There are no cars on the island and people get around predominately by foot. The island has fantastic gardens but as I strolled around the thing that surprised me most was Shell Beach, it genuinely looked like it had been plucked straight out the Caribbean. Visiting Herm is right up there as one of the highlights of the trip and I am keen to return so I can get across to Sark, another island in the Bailiwick.

So that just about sums up my top suggestions for things to do and places to visit Guernsey. I know for a fact that I didn’t even experience half of what Guernsey has to offer on my short weekend break so will be going back again next summer!

La Gouffre Guersey


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