Sydney lights up

For my fellow piggies still living in Europe, occasionally I like to remind them that their home city of Sydney is pretty amazing.

The usual approach taken is to moan about how incredibly warm the weather has been and how the grass is dying because it hasn’t rained in months, knowing full well that they are suffering through cold, grey, and wintry days.  Even when they are celebrating a European “heat wave” of mid-20C temperatures, I smirk a little inside, thinking to myself that that those temps barely qualify for spring or autumn down here.

The objective of these not-so-subtle reminders is entirely self-serving – I miss them both terribly and wish that they would come back to Sydney so that we can reunite and, once again, live in the same city so that we can feast together.

Over the last few weeks, Sydney hasn’t needed me as its spokesperson.  She put on an amazing feast for the eyes as the annual Vivid Sydney rolled around and the city was transformed by palettes of colours, painted by lights.  Our most iconic structures, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House became canvases for moving colours, and I was reminded about how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful, artistic and vibrant city.

vivid sydney harbour bridge

vivid sydney opera house

vivid sydney festival art

vivid sydney customs house artDo you ladies want to come back anytime soon?


One thought on “Sydney lights up

  1. Whilst Sydney is a beautiful city (highlighted by your stunning photos!) and I do miss you terribly, I’m afraid it’s not on the cards just yet. All the better for LLTO, however… our lucky readers will continue to have perspectives from 3 wonderful cities! 🙂

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