Dîner en blanc

The dîner en blanc (dinner in white) is a tradition here in Paris that, until recently, I had only heard of. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the dinner is an annual event that sees thousands sharing dinner together at a location that is kept secret until just minutes before the event starts. It is coordinated by a chain of organisers who filter information down to all participants. The primary organisers remain anonymous and do not publicise the event in any way. Attendance is on a strictly invite-only basis. And this year I was fortunate enough to score an invite…

In the lead-up to the event I knew the date, that the dress-code was all-white and that, with my dining partner, we needed to bring a table, two white chairs, a white tablecloth, white cloth napkins, an entree, a main, cheese, dessert & champage/white wine. Other helpful details such as an exact time and a location were simply not available. Which obviously just added to the fun!

In the early evening I received news to meet with my group on a street corner in the 7th arrondissement (district) of Paris. We had been asked to wear a coat to cover-up but as I approached my place of rendez-vous, it became apparent that not many people had heeded this request… there was white everywhere! In open squares…

Waiting at Musee D'Orsay

Creating traffic chaos by converging on street corners…

Gathering on street corners

And it was clear some were really getting into the white theme!

Man on bike

A few minutes before kick-off, our organiser announced kick-off that it was all systems go and a mass of humanity (along with some tables & chairs) started moving. Still without knowing where to!

Moving the masses

As we crossed the Pont Royal, the Louvre loomed large in front of us…

Approaching the Louvre

And the views up-river weren’t bad either!

View of the Seine

As we skirted of the edge of the Jardin des Tuileries, the sun was casting gorgeous colours. And speculation mounted…

Getting closer

As we entered the courtyard of the Louvre, it became clear we had reached our destination. And what a destination it was!

Courtyard of the Louvre

Within minutes our table was set up…

Our table

And so were those of 5,000 others!


Beautiful settingAs the sun set…


The mood was festive, and the action started with a round of serviette waving!

Waving serviettes

As night fell, the scene became more and more beautiful…



And was topped off by a round of sparkler waving…


It was an amazing location for a very special event, and I am definitely hoping for an invite again next year!


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