Happy (belated) birthday

Ever missed an important date? A birthday, for example? As it turns out, I have.

A few years ago I missed a close friend’s birthday. A friend who LOVES her birthday. It wasn’t that I forgot, as such. I know exactly what date her birthday is on. And I know that it happens every year (duh). It’s just that I let the actual day pass without realising the date. When I realised my error, I made a pact with myself to pay close attention to the date and not let important events swing on by without notice, well, for the rest of ever. And it worked! For a couple of years, anyway…

Unfortunately, just yesterday, circumstances conspired to create exactly the conditions necessary to repeat my mistake. But this time it was not just one but three people who were the unfortunate victims, including my brother. That’s right. I missed the birthday of one of my family members. One of the handful of days that are etched into memory from such a young age that’s it’s basically impossible to forget.

So, I hear you asking… how on earth did I forget my own brother’s birthday? Again, I didn’t FORGET as such. I waited nearly 9 years for my brother to come along. At each of my own birthdays as I blew out the candles, I wished for a little brother or sister. The day of his birth was one of the happiest days of my life. There is no way I could forget the date of his birthday. And in the lead-up, I knew it was coming. I even spoke with my mum on the phone last week about potential gifts.

But the end of last week at work was a bit stressful. And, as it turns out, there are a few matters that I will need to be dealt with this week, even though I am on holidays in the south of  France. So when I arrived in the heat, sunshine and beautiful setting of Cannes and its’ environs on Saturday morning, I made a snap decision to go technology-free for the weekend. No phone, no email. Boom.

Of course without technology present, I had no little reminder of the date. And so I kind of mixed up my days/dates and woke up this morning with the first thought in my head to call my beloved little bro for his birthday. When I looked at my phone and saw the date, I immediately developed that sick feeling in my stomach. That same one that happens every time you forget something important. Yep, somehow I had managed to forget the unforgettable.

Luckily my brother is an understanding soul and even had the good grace to find humour in the situation. But it seriously got me to wondering… how can someone who’s now several years on the other side of 30 justify missing their own brother’s birthday? Surely we’re meant to get better at these kind of things (read: more organised) the older we get? Whilst PerfectlyRandom has postulated the theory that she’ll have finally reached adulthood when she masters DIY, I think I’m going to go with a marker that should theoretically be easier to attain… stopping chaotic mistakes such as missing birthdays!

So now that my brother has been contacted and my article written, if you don’t mind I’ll just get on to the task of wishing my two other friends who share a birthday with my brother a happy day-after-their-birthday. [Shakes head].

Happy late birthday


One thought on “Happy (belated) birthday

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