First world problems: Sicily, Sardinia or Mallorca?

Do you know what the problem with the world is today?


And I’m not talking about our newfound inability to discuss matters directly with colleagues, or pick up the phone to our mothers – oh no!

I’m talking about the zillions of emails I get everyday tempting me to throw off my full time employment, and jet into the sunset.

Frankly, I don’t even know how “they” got my email address in the first place. But “they” seem to know what a sucker I am for a jaunt abroad. And oh, how they mock me.

Qantas and British Airways are constantly advising me of so called sale flights. And yes, it is tempting to celebrate this red hot summer with a flight to Hong Kong.

Destinology are always taunting me with luxury getaways, the likes of which I’ll have to wait for our ten year anniversary to partake in.

Jetsetter screams “sail away to the Caribbean and Europe” and to “keep your cool from Brooklyn to Phuket”.

And just when I think I’ve gotten through them all, deleting them without reading to try and manage my wanderlust, I spot Thomas Cook. Ah, even the old package holiday experts can reel me in for a gander with their cries of “cheap last minute escapes”.


The biggest #firstworldproblem we have today.

Well that, and ASOS. Because how am I going to choose which bikini to have delivered overnight for my last minute holiday to Mallorca?




4 thoughts on “First world problems: Sicily, Sardinia or Mallorca?

  1. I unsubscribed all my newsletters and sale notifications from the airlines, travel agents, and even all those Groupon and Cudo vouchers because I was constantly being tempted to open my wallet!! And knowing my lack of self-control when it comes to booking trips, it was the only way to prevent a massive hemorrhaging of cash. I do feel the odd case of FOMO though – what if I’m missing out on a bargain??

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